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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Millionaires Work to hard

 John 14:2  In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Sorry Jesus I already Live in a Mansion
 This Man is a Millionaire a true prophet of God Lets all become millionaires to
The preachers live like kings on the backs of those that work hard for nothing it is truly pitiful
They have given themselves the right to do as they please

while the rest of us work for slave wages for taskmasters that relentlessly take all they please
while our American government secretly cast trillions of dollars to the rich and wealthy conducting mind control weapons conducting evil experiments with demons creating evil abominations hybrid animal man and giants creating the Mark of the beast system to enslave or kill millions of people

And this man cant even find it in himself to say the name of Jesus in public with Israel. as Israel conducts mass killings in Palestine giving that nation Shit to eat absolutely denigrating the land while calling themselves gods chosen people. A truly chosen people without Jesus. They spit of Christians while their cohorts take over the media and lie and lift up abominations to view. Billions in their favor     
   This mans own brother called to the church telling of over bloated spending on lavish things wasting millions while people have nothing they truly live like kings and tell the people i have nothing to do with the world. What a load of bull. There is truly money in the church and it is not right what is being done behind the closed doors. While people literally die at his feet.

 This man cant say jesus is the only way to heaven. its wrong and it aint classy and it suck so what do we do now its bogus. 

No one cares not even the people sitting in the seats lets all do whatever we please and cast our prayers unto the Lord and wonder why we dont see much of Jesus in the World

I was truly amazed when Mel Gibson 64 decided to impregnate a 24 year old woman out of wed lock and wipe her butt in public. When your rich you truly can walk over Jesus face and get away with it and do whatever you please with no regard to the church or even the cross itself in the passion of the Christ a movie made on a whim of rich men that have chosen to feed themselves.
whatever ever happened to taking one wife instead of 3 or 6

Let me say it again the Millionaires have enslaved the public to their will on their terms by their wicked devices in their carelessness loveless greed for wealth.
The preachers prosper wickedly on top of churches stealing the tithe and the offering from the people. I gave unto the ministries just to see my life shattered and broken i swear i will never give again to any millionaire preacher as an act of faith for a pebble of mercy from the lord. The ministers can love their wealth you can hire your slaves i will never agree with this evil.
If you dont think i need help then by all means keep your help to yourself. The churches are filled with wickedness and work is the blood they feast upon while they steal the hope and give it to themselves.

The prophets have ignored the dreams of a child now a man i will see hope one day and will never touch there wages.