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Monday, August 15, 2016

Disaster Hits America 2023

My dream from the Lord. I was walking down the street to my home in Chicago. When it started to snow grey ashes around the city from the East.  I looked and saw New York city in a great explosion like a Yellowstone super volcano. I found shelter from the ashes but soon the ground was covered with grey ash slush 2 feet thick. I then heard the words of the Lord speak  " 2023".

2 days after the dream on march 30 2014 a large 4.8 earthquake hit Yellowstone the largest earthquake in that area in 40 years.

There will be a volcanic explosion in America after or on the year 2023 that will cover the land in ashes This will be the Yellowstone super volcano or a nuclear explosion in New York city which will destroy the economy of America in one day.