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Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Trade Stocks

This will be a step by step instruction on how to get started buying and selling stocks in the stock market online. I suggest an initial investment of over 2,000 dollars after you understand the method.

Step 1 Find a good online broker
 TD Ameritrade is raked number 1
  • Free to Open an Account with valid personal information.
  • Fund Account fast by cash transfer ACH via checking account.
  • $10 dollar fee to buy any number of stocks. 
  • $10 dollar fee to sell any number of stocks. 
  • Accounts under 2,000 dollars are restricted to cash account status which means a 3 day waiting period to trade profit / loss amount of money. 
  • Accounts over 2,000 dollars are eligible for margin account upgrade which means no waiting period to trade profit / loss amount of money at a small interest rate. 
  • 3 business days for cash withdraws.
  • Insured up to 2,000,000 dollars per account.
  • Banks are insured up to 200,000 dollars per account.
  • No inactivity fees.
  • No other account fees.
 Understand the limitations 
  •  Anyone can buy stocks any number of times and sell them the next business day.
  • All Accounts under 25,000 dollars are restricted from day trading only 3 times within 5 current business days. 
  • 1 day trade is buying an order of stocks and selling it on the same day. 
  • Accounts over 3 day trades per 5 business days will be closed for 90 days.
  • Funding errors like bounced checks can result in frozen accounts.
  • Shorting stocks require larger accounts. 
  • Referrals bonuses can result to frozen accounts by your association with other account offenders. 
The best way to buy the stock is use Think or Swim trading platform.
  • Free software.
  • View Stock charts in real time.
  • View all buyer and seller orders.
  • View technical indicators via MACD, moving averages, CCI and other technical studies which mathematical tell you if it is a good environment to buy or sell stock.
  • Buy and sell stocks at the touch of 2 buttons. 
  • Drawing tools for support and resistance analisis
Although Td Ameritrade is a good broker the 3 day trading rule is restrictive to those that want to day trade
and remains the biggest disadvantage to trading. 

Shure Trader is a smaller brokerage firm located outside of the united states and and comes with its advantages and disadvantages to those that want to day trade with accounts under 25,000 dollars. I suggest an initial investment of over 2,000 dollars via credit card to keep initial account at over 500 dollars .

  • Margin account at $500 dollars.
  • Margin means an account of 1000 dollars can buy 6000 dollars of stock while you pay any losses.
  • No Day Trading Rule.
  • Ability to short at full account level. 
  • Greater range of stocks to short.
  • Optional Monthly Platform Fee. 
  • Free Web Trading with low quality chart. 
  • Funding Glitches can loose money
  • Paper based Deposits with Fees
  • Paper based withdraws with Fees.
  • Accounts under $500 will be frozen.
  • Required orders of 100 shares or more.  
 Understand the requirements
  • Passport Card $120 dollars 
  • Drivers License
  • Utility bill 
  • 3 Professional References / 3 bankers at your bank.   
  • Fund by credit card to Withdraw by credit card. 

 Step 2 Learn how to read candlestick stock charts

Steve Nison introduced candlestick fundamentals to the market in the 1990s in his book  
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques which revolutionized the the stock market industry. His primary Dvd package is called Candle Charting Essentials and Beyond which he sells for 1,500 dollars in which he identifies key reversal signals to the market.
  1. Search You Tube Steve Nison
  2. Download for Free by Google search Steve Nison - Candle Charting Collection Torrent
  3. Download 1,000 books for free by Google search Trading books Torrent
  4. Open all Torrent files in Vuze software.
One of the most important parts of stock trading is your ability to understand and see key signals on a stock chart via candlesticks.
When a stock price closes above the open price the candlestick is white or green. When a stock price closes below the open price the candlestick is black or red. The real body is the distance between the open and the close. 

Here is a List of good books to read.
  • Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts
  • Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns
  • Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
  • Big Profit Patterns Using Candlesticks and Gaps
  • Barry Rudd - Stock Patterns For Day Trading And Swing Trading
  • The Complete Day Trader I - Bernstein 1995
Step 3 Learn how to read Technical Indicators
Technical Indicators are mathematical equations based on the price of the stock over a moving number of days to help investors identify conditions to buy or sell stocks.   For example AAPL apple computer.
Moving Averages calculates an average line of the average price of a stock at close. Investors are more likely to buy when a stock price crosses above a moving average then when a stock price crosses below a moving average. Prices tend to bounce on these lines.

Multiple moving averages can be used to understand where the stock is trending in price. The most common moving averages is days of 200, 50, 20, 8. Some investors commonly buy when the price is above 8 and sell immediately when the stock price is below 8 if they were not already out of the market via a candlestick selling signal. 
The CCI indicator calculates overbought and oversold conditions and sets buying signals when the indicator line sharply crosses above -100 past the 0 line and past the 100 line at which point investors sell when the indicator line crosses below 100.
The stochastic indicator is a calculation of 2 moving averages one is fast the other is slow. When the fast line is above the slow line crossing above 20 it is a time to buy. When the fast line is below the slow line crossing below 80 it is a time to sell.
The MACD indicator is a calculation of 2 moving averages fast and slow. When the fast line is above the slow line and cross the 0 line it is an indication to buy. The blue histogram calculates the strength of the buying compared to its price.
The Parabolic SAR calculates dots below on stocks trending up and calculates dots above on stocks trending down.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Harry Dent Economic Crash dow 5000 to 3000

Harry Dent is a Financial Investor Forecaster. He is forecasting an Economic Crash in the coming years after 2016 based on current financial debt obligations in the public and out of control banking in the United States.
This is Financial Armageddon which may establish a new United States currency in the next decade.

The Level of the Market will fall from 20,000 to 6,000 and may reach as low as 3,000. This will drive stock prices to it lowest levels and bring America to a new depression for many years.

This is a picture of a future crash in the market following the pattern of 2008 after the 2016. As always i hope we have more time left to prepare if this pattern is proven wrong but sooner or later it will happen.