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Monday, October 5, 2015

Glenda Jackson Disaster 2016 Obama and Martial Law

Glenda Jackson is a prophetess in the lord and predicts a disaster will occur in America and president  barack obama will use any means to declare martial law and suspend the elections to stay in power by planing riots in America started by his Muslim brothers. She said President Obama wants the power.

The end of 2016 will intensify civil unrest or even a terrorist attack to stop the elections and America will embrace martial law to keep the peace unless this crisis may be averted.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tom Horn Nuclear Attack in 48 months

Tom Horn is a prophetic theologian of end times prophecy and is predicting a new age one world order event will take place in the year 2016 and a new terrorist nuclear attack will take place around 48 months from September 2015. This event will begin a christian Islamic war and will give birth to a new world order and the arrival of the Antichrist which may open a doorway of demonic aliens on the earth during the formation of the tribulation.


Monday, September 28, 2015

The Future is Terminator Drones

We stand at the beginning of a future technology arms race that will seek any form of governmental control and power with the development of sophisticated Artificial Intelligent Killer Drones that will destroy the people that do not worship the beast and its image.

Prototype Tank Weapon
Arial Gun Drone
Surveillance Weapon

Those that put there very lives in the hands of government are fools. The rich elite have chosen the devil and will monopolize any form of wealth in the nation and will use that power to protect their way of life as millions of people die at there feet.