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Monday, August 31, 2015

Aerial Attacks by out government

One night i had a vision dream from the lord i was in a Kmart store around the time of the tribulation and looked to the upper south east and saw the night sky and people seeing what was taking place near me. Fighter jets were flying through the air shooting down passenger planes with missiles. There were given orders to shoot American planes down to protect the capital from terrorism . I immediately started to run away. 
Others ran with me to the north west and we took shelter in a metal truck container outfitted as a bunker but the fighter jets continued there attack and started to shoot missiles at us.

The vision is clear War will be declared on the American people by our government and destroy any plane they deem a threat to national security and move to attack the people by land by aerial drones. The only defense we have is to hide ourselves in the basements of our homes.

Lindsey Williams Important Dates for september

Lindsy Williams has announced key dates for the development of the new world order which may begin in September 2015 and lead to the arrival of the Antichrist soon 
  • Cern Declares the international year of light dedicated to Lucifer light September 25
  • Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky the messiah AKA Antichrist will return after September 12 at the end of the year 
  • Madonna will perform Tour "Desecration Of The Bride" Arrival Of Fallen Angels in Washington DC Verizon Center in September 
  • Jonathan Cahn shmita 7 year cycle ends around September 13 warning of stock market crash 
  • 5776 year of Lucifer begins September 14
  • UN resolution for a Palestine state begins September 15  
  • Jade Helm ends September 15 
  • International day of peace September 21 
  • Year of Jubilee begins September 23
  • Mecca pilgrimage Gates of heaven to open begins September 22
  • Bisexual holiday declared September 23   
  • Pope to address congress 1st time in history September 24
  • John Kerry to end 500 day climate change rally 
  • Pope to announce New World Order unification to the UN September 25 
  • Tomorrow land declared Masonic 33
  • 4th final blood moon falls on September 28 
  • Dollar will begin to collapse September 2015
  • Muslim Rabi Ali ibn Abi Talib 600 prophecy Mahdi will come after a tall black man takes command of the west and command the most powerful army on earth AKA Barack Obama September 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Perry Stone Russia Test America Nuclear War

Perry Stone has released an alert that Russian subs and fighters have been located by contact off the shores of California and Alaska  loaded with small nuclear missiles. Testing the defenses of the United States with new undetectable technology. Russia prepares for war over Ukraine as the president arms Iran and Muslims while cutting back our military and establishing the land of homosexuality.

By the report of Joel Skousen Russia and China are preparing there military to make war with the united states after the year 2020 during the time America enters the economic collapse.