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Monday, July 27, 2015

Perry Stone Russia Test America Nuclear War

Perry Stone has released an alert that Russian subs and fighters have been located by contact off the shores of California and Alaska  loaded with small nuclear missiles. Testing the defenses of the United States with new undetectable technology. Russia prepares for war over Ukraine as the president arms Iran and Muslims while cutting back our military and establishing the land of homosexuality.

By the report of Joel Skousen Russia and China are preparing there military to make war with the united states after the year 2020 during the time America enters the economic collapse.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream the End of Obama and the New World Order

Years ago i had a disturbing dream about the future of America and the Obama administration that i believe is a warning of what is to come. 

I was at the Walmart  superstore walking down the aisle looking for a wooden barrel filled with  money that just passed me by. As i found the place of the barrel i saw that it disappeared and in its place there was two empty baskets sitting on a table.

To my left i saw President Barack Obama with a somber tone to his voice walking up to a platform and podium to make an announcement. He was in-front of news reporters in the health and beauty department in front of the jewelry department of the store . He then began to speak and he said          "i have to make an announcement"

As soon as he was speaking  3 women rose up in anger and one by one screamed the word REVOLUTION.

I turned away from the President to see the women a then i turned to the meat department of the store where i saw a massive black and ugly face looking at Barack Obama and from that position i saw a bullet shot of some kind shoot and the position of the President. I turned to see the president had disappeared and people were in utter chaos trying to run away from this massive black face shooter in which i knew to be Russia and its position over the meat. 
The Interpretation of this dream is a historical time line of events in the near future which may take place but i hope may not but it is clear due to the economic collapse of America.  

Barack Obama will rise to power in the area of health care and guard the prosperity of the nation
There will be a time of 3 years of riots and protest from the time of the announcement of Barack Obama which may occur in 2016 but may also signify 3 terms as president for Obama ending in 2021 in which he will establish revolution to conform to Communism in America.

After the time of 2016 or 2021 a demonic force of some kind will position itself over the food of the nation which will involve Russia in some way and attempt to kill the president and remove him from power and will cause a panic in the united states

After i saw the demonic face i looked back at the president to see that he had disappeared this may tell of the position of power from the president to the demonic force which will leave the position of the president of no effect. exactly what the new world order wants.

I believe after the Obama administration a new demonic form of government will be created and will use the economic collapse and chaos to gain control. Martial law or a new antichrist whatever the outcome we must be ready to help those in need of it.

Ron Paul Economic Collapse 2020 Report

Ron Paul is a retired congressman warning of an economic collapse in the united states around the year 2020

Currency devaluation
Stock Market crash
Riots in major cities
High food prices
New Government Taxes
Bank restrictions
No Businesses

He is warning the people to prepare for the coming collapse to own land, silver, food and water. The government will not save anyone as they brought about this destruction through the federal reserve banking institutions which have stolen from the people to serve the elites.