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Friday, January 6, 2017

Obama's Triple Crosses America

President Obama has been supporting Isis with weapons and funding for years in Syria while dismantling American industry. This began as a destabilization of the middle east to grow ISIS

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alex Breaks Down Globalist Attempts To Start War With Russia Before Trump

The Elite are running out of time and are attempting to start war to kick off the beginning of a Trump Presidency 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elite: What Next! - Trump Has Won!" New DVD from Lindsey Williams

  • New World Oder set back 50 years if Trump is Elected
  • Kissinger met with trump to beg and plead for certain objectives
  • The Elite have no control over Donald Trump
  • They are meeting with Trump to ask for their way and not Directly telling him what to do as in past presidents
  • The New World Order has revised its Agenda which will be mostly complete around February 2017
  • The Elite have decided to Join Donald Trump and attempt to pervert him and sabotage his policy 
  • There will be a financial collapse in the future but not at this time 
  • The Elite are in disarray and may move the collapse down 3 years until they can form a new strategy in the coming months
  • Trump will cut taxes and release money to the people creating massive opportunities in the coming years but the Fed will raise interest rates several times to sway this growth  
A Trump Presidency represents a great opportunity to prepare as the New World Order prepares itself to create a massive financial collapse and don't be fooled this collapse is Big and it clear they will blame trump for it

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