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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jim Rickards Financial Armageddon Begins in 2015

Steve Meyers is an investment analyst advisory to the CIA and he is warning people of an economic collapse of the united states economy that may begin June 18, 2015 and will create an economic depression that will last for 25 years that will lead to the fall of the American Empire. This will lead to the fall of the American dollar as the world reserve currency and will lead to global anarchy and war and our government is preparing itself for military action against the American people.

Steve Meyers states that the Federal debt is not possible to pay back and will lead to a crash 
 Steve Meyers states that the real unemployment rate is at 23 %
Steve Meyers also states that he believes the dollar will not last until the next president in 2017.

Based on the current information wealthy Americans are preparing  themselves for the future economic collapse of the dollar but i say how dare they live in splendor and carelessness as they watch the millions of souls perish before their eyes in the safety of there ill gotten wealth which they have locked away in there vaults of pleasure. The Rich man Ruler will see justice in the depths of hell.

If you are reading this Wake Up and do something with real value.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dream the End of Obama and the New World Order

Years ago i had a disturbing dream about the future of America and the Obama administration that i believe is a warning of what is to come. 

I was at the Walmart  superstore walking down the aisle looking for a wooden barrel filled with  money that just passed me by. As i found the place of the barrel i saw that it disappeared and in its place there was two empty baskets sitting on a table.

To my left i saw President Barack Obama with a somber tone to his voice walking up to a platform and podium to make an announcement. He was in-front of news reporters in the health and beauty department in front of the jewelry department of the store . He then began to speak and he said          "i have to make an announcement"

As soon as he was speaking  3 women rose up in anger and one by one screamed the word REVOLUTION.

I turned away from the President to see the women a then i turned to the meat department of the store where i saw a massive black and ugly face looking at Barack Obama and from that position i saw a bullet shot of some kind shoot and the position of the President. I turned to see the president had disappeared and people were in utter chaos trying to run away from this massive black face shooter in which i knew to be Russia and its position over the meat. 
The Interpretation of this dream is a historical time line of events in the near future which may take place but i hope may not but it is clear due to the economic collapse of America.  

First i was walking towards a barrel of money which is my future dealings in the stock market which turned into two empty baskets which means a shortage of bread which may be a sign of economic hardship in the nation which has taken place in 2008. 

Barack Obama was in Health and beauty which associates him with the health care system in his administration which also involves the finances of America because of his position in the Jewelry department of the store.

He spoke the words  "i have to make an announcement"  which clearly shows that the president will make many announcements to his will which has been done on several occasions.

There will be a time of 3 years or 3 events where the people will scream REVOLUTION. This may involve 1 occupy wall street, 2  Ferguson riots and 3 another uprising of some kind in the near future.

After this time a demonic force or demon government of some kind will take control and position itself over the food of meat in the nation. This nation may involve Russia and will attempt to kill the president in some kind of attack but whatever the out come America will be in chaos after it happens.

After i saw the demonic face i looked back at the president to see that he had disappeared this may tell of the position of power from the president to the demonic force which will leave the position of the president of no effect. exactly what the new world order wants.

I believe after the Obama administration a new demonic form of government will be created and will use the economic collapse and chaos to gain control. Martial law or a new antichrist whatever the outcome we must be ready to help those in need of it. 

Lindsey Williams Special Events Economic Collapse in 2015

Lindsey Williams is a preacher with high level contacts of the secrete elite that run the world. He is predicting a financial collapse of the united states economy in the year 2015 which is being used by the elite to force the united states into the the new world order in the coming years.
  • They Are having trouble in the middle east with Isis and the Syrian Rebels which has prolong there time line for the economic collapse.
  • Financial Collapse is set for approximately September October 2015
  • When you hear of rising interest rates it will be the Game Over Event
  • The stock market will crash then the derivatives market will blow up 
  • Banks will have financial problems and file for bankruptcy
  • They want an order of 10 big banks still in existence 
  • All other banks will bought by the big banks or face bankruptcy
  • Gold will absolutely skyrocket
  • people will beg and plead to the government to fix the financial crisis due to the severity and due to what happens during the crisis 
  • They will offer the New World Order Solution, Central government, Central Banking system and a new central dollar system
  • Another housing collapse will take place 
  • The Muslim world will be used  to foment war and discord in 2015
  • Failure of the Healthcare System will come soon
  • No gun control will come in 2015
  • The people will be too poor and the police military are preparing for riots in the street in which they believe there will be no riots in 2015
  • Massive corporate bankruptcies will be coming because of the financial crisis
  • President Obama will not take any action on these events
Lindsey Williams warning is very accurate and details the best time frame of the economic collapse it is my hope that we will see another delay in time but prepare yourselves as best as you can for the times that lay ahead. Based on other calculations we have 5 to 10 years until the beginning of the tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ and i believe that many preachers will use this economic collapse to gather donations and support there own views in the ministry and lead many astray. Do not be a follower of men but set yourselves one on one with Jesus Christ and Follow his word. It is also my belief that the devil is impersonating gods voice among men and what we may believe to be gods voice is nothing but a lie.