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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lindsey Williams The New Elite Economic Collapse New World Order by End of 2015

 Lindsy Williams is a Preacher with top level information from the people that control the government and plans to create an economic collapse to create a new world order to begin by the end of 2015
  • The elite plan to bring in the New World Order by the end of 2015
  • 5 banks hold 40 trillion dollars in derivatives
  • Derivative market will collapse by the end of 2015
  • Bank derivative debt will be paid by account holders money
  • Congress pass bill holding American people to pay banks derivative losses 
  • Banks will limit all accounts 
  • The Economy may collapse by the end of 2015 2016
  • Violence in Washington dc no economic growth for years
  • Massive corporate bankruptcies around the world
  • Financial crisis set for September October
  • interest rates will spark the economic collapse
  • gold will skyrocket during the collapse
  • food prices will rise
  • The antichrist may rise after the collapse
  • Obama is acting Muslim 
  • President Obama is dragging his feat with Israel give isil time to destroy Israel 
Based on the Testimony of Lindsey Williams the new world order will begin after the economic collapse of the world after the end of the year 2015 2016 so please be ready for the coming days of trouble. 
  1. Buy every piece of gold you can lay your hands on.
  2. You have to get out of debt.
  3. Get out of paper.
  4. Pay off your house mortgage.
  5. Store food, water and firearms.
  6. Get ready for the biggest buying opportunity of your lifetime.
  7. Get out of the city.
  8. Purchase everything you need.
  9. Sort out your medicine cabinet.
  10. Get your spiritual house in order.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Time for wormwood and the end of the world

10 years ago i had a dream from the lord i was in front of a walmart store viewing the sky and i saw a very large fiery meteor falling from the sky aimed at walmart.

There will be a cataclysmic disaster that will effect the lives of millions and it will happen very soon because as a fulfillment to the dream i started working at a walmart super center for the past 4 years long after the dream. If all goes well i will leave walmart very soon in the next 2 years but it is clear that time is running out and my guess is that it will occur after the year 2017. 

Whenever the time it is clear in the bible there will be an asteroid disaster wormwood during the tribulation that will cause radioactive fallout around the world which will cause the waters of the earth to be bitter and kill those that drink it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jim Rickards Financial Armageddon Begins in 2015

Steve Meyers is an investment analyst advisory to the CIA and he is warning people of an economic collapse of the united states economy that may begin June 18, 2015 and will create an economic depression that will last for 25 years that will lead to the fall of the American Empire. This will lead to the fall of the American dollar as the world reserve currency and will lead to global anarchy and war and our government is preparing itself for military action against the American people.

Steve Meyers states that the Federal debt is not possible to pay back and will lead to a crash 
 Steve Meyers states that the real unemployment rate is at 23 %
Steve Meyers also states that he believes the dollar will not last until the next president in 2017.

Based on the current information wealthy Americans are preparing  themselves for the future economic collapse of the dollar but i say how dare they live in splendor and carelessness as they watch the millions of souls perish before their eyes in the safety of there ill gotten wealth which they have locked away in there vaults of pleasure. The Rich man Ruler will see justice in the depths of hell.

If you are reading this Wake Up and do something with real value.