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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dream The Second Wave is Fire

I had a strong dream in my sleep with very strong and vivid colors that i believe to be warning of the future.

In my dream i was looking to the distance in an industrial city covered by trees. It was a dark and still night when i saw a large plane fall from the sky.
 I could see that i was in my old room and i saw an explosion in the distance of the plane. I knew it looked similar to the 911 attacks on the world trade center.
After the explosion there was a very large blast sound followed by smoke and debris which came to my window. 
It was after this time i went to another room in the house to an open door. I knew that people were asleep in this house. When i looked through the door i could see a large fire wave moving towards my direction. I screamed out so everyone could hear me and i said " Second Wave "
I then saw the wave and it was a wave of fire.
I believe that my dream is a warning of another 911 style attack that will hit America in the near future. The first wave was an explosion of the towers followed by dust and debris. The second wave will be a wave of fire.
This could be a warning of large fires in American city's caused by riots during the economic collapse soon to com upon our nation. What ever the meaning of the fire is we need to prepare ourselves for the coming days during the tribulation and the end of the world.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Dream of the End of the World Timeline to the Mark of the Beast 666

 In 2008 i had a dream from the lord about future events in my life until the 7 year tribulation, the mark of the beast 666 and the end of the world.

I was running down the road away from a dark storm. I saw homes along my path.
I turned to the right and started to run to a tree in the park. This tree had a big hole in the side. There where other people running away from the great winds behind me.
I ran inside the tree for protection and a large tornado blew across the park and almost took me with it. I held on inside the tree until it went away.
When the storm was gone i ran back to the road i was on an i knew that when i got to the corner of the road ahead of me it would be the year 2018.
I turned on that corner to the left on 2018 and i saw hundreds of empty rusted cars in a traffic jam all the way down the road.
I then turned to the left at the end of the road it was at this time i new that i was in the 7 year tribulation.
Half way down this road i saw a line of people choosing to take the mark of the beast 666 to be able to get a job to work. It was at this time i looked behind a door and saw a spirit of a woman who had not taken the mark and it was located in a dumpster room.
At the end of my dream i could remember the path i took and it was in the shape of a 6.

My path along my dream is a time line of events centering around the year 2018. Before this time around the year 2016 there will be a large tornado event which will effect many people that i believe may involve financial crisis of some kind.

It is at this time i will seek protection from the tornado. After the storm which ends at 2018 i will then see a traffic jam of old empty vehicles of people which will never fulfill there destiny. This may be caused by war or financial hardship until around the year 2025 which will begin the 7 year tribulation.

It is at this time that I will be required to accept a mark of the beast 666 to get a job or be arrested and killed in some way.