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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heat Blast Weather Control

A heat blast over all America right after vice president pics Dont be fooled they have weather control tech for the past 50 years But to what end ?

Last night it was so hot i have never felt heat like that for 10 years in Chicago and i used to live in texas its like they just flipped a switch. This is Strange weather patterns

Make free energy devices and get out of this slave system they will use every means of control in there hands to subdue the people and protect themselves. Dont think for one second that any one cares and will do something to help, how many men will pass before one says i will stop the evil that comes.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vladimir Putin Economic Collapse World War 3 imminent Media cover up

Vladimir Putin is warning the west that the globalist elite control the media and are manipulating the people  into war with Russia as America moves arms to Russian borders and destabilizes Ukraine  and funds radical terrorism to destabilizes the entire middle east. He clearly states that Isis was established by American arms.

It is very clear that the globalist controlled media is covering up every detail that does not fit into there agenda and will use and manipulate any event necessary to disarm the public to establish a global dictatorship. Dont believe there lies prepare for the tribulation its coming soon

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Alex Jones Global Collapse Meltdown 2017-2027

Alex Jones leaks plans by the global elite to cause a Global Financial Collapse meltdown  that will begin in 2017 leading to a national food crisis which will end near 2027 and this will bring the world into a Global Health Crisis as a means of depopulation and control after 2030 

The year 2027 may prove to be the beginning of tribulation because it resembles a time of peace after the economic collapse only to enter a time of great waves of death in a global health crisis similar to the middle of the tribulation as millions of people perish by the horse of death.