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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New John Paul Jackson 2011 Prophecy

Prophecies to be fulfilled in the near future
John Paul Jackson
  1. There will be an attempted assassination of a congress men
  2. President Mubarak will be removed from Egypt and shortly after pass away and become shifted into a more terroristic state.
  3. Greater storms in Poland and tornadoes in Poland
  4. another big earthquake will hit japan
  5. mount Fuji will one day erupt again and a lose of life just as pom-pay
  6. a dormant volcano in Washington state will become active again
  7. there will be a large earthquake in British Columbia that will be in near proximity to the volcano in Washington state
  8. England will become more christian and lose occultism.
  9. Scotland will become more prophetic in the church.
  10. It will rain in central Africa for 2 weeks without stopping and it will halt shipments and the rain will stop by a prophetic proclamation
  11. as David wilkerson another world evangelist will pass away