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Friday, March 30, 2012

John Paul Jackson Update for 2012

 John Paul Jackson is a well trusted Prophet of God that has predicted the future of America from 2007 to 2018 and beyond.

In summary the united states is being prepared to enter a time of trouble starting with the finances of the nation. There will be an economic collapse of the value of the dollar and other world currency's caused by turmoil in the middle east. Israel may be the scapegoat for economic devastation because of missile attacks to Iran. This will form an OPEC alliance against Israel.
The fall of the dollar will cause riots in the cities of America that will be devastating to the nation. The United States will enforce martial law as an attempt to stop the violence. At this time there will be a major dirty bomb in a coastal city that will be uninhabitable for years.
A domino effect of many events in this nation will start the time of Jacobs trouble with wild weather and earthquakes hitting major cities in America. The time will come When the earthquakes effect the weather and the atmosphere of the world to allow cracks in the earths protection. The harmful radiation from the sun may destroy major satellites that will leave some cities with no internet, cellphones, bank transfers and TV for a period of time. Even the earths gravity will be effected.
The United States army will be pulled back allowing other nations to have more control and power. This will give rise to Turkey and Russia and china eventually leading to the time of the Antichrist kingdom but we still have time before this. Eventually America will be invaded by other nations because the  window of opportunity in the fall of America.

From my calculations This time frame of the economic collapse is from 2007-2018 and 10 or 20 years beyond this we may actually be in the middle of the 7 year tribulation around 2030.
So have Real money real needs real Jesus
1…Watch the middle east, president Mubarak will be removed from office and Egypt will become a more terrorist state.
When this happens all the Arab nations that do not promote to religious Islamic extremism will be deposed under a false movement and replaced by a harsher regime including Saudi Arabia.
Libya Syria Lebanon is happening now
The youth overthrow the leaders for democracy but have no infrastructure to sustain it and the void is filled with a new more extremist regime.
2…Watch Europe trouble is coming to Europe
The euro will begin to weaken and then it will crumble. Shortly after this the dollar will follow.
It will keep getting darker until the church calls out to the lord.(the church doesn’t care)
3…There will be an assassination attempt on a congressmen.
(Later this was verified to be Gabby Gifford.)
4…There will be a time when the sports stadiums will be full because no one can afford the price of anything.
5…Israel will send missiles to Iran but before that day there will first be mystery explosions sent in various places in Iran.
When the final missiles hit Iran there will be a huge growth of anti-Semitism and everyone will blame Israel for the price of gasoline.
This attack will lead to opec nation to form an alliance and will not sell oil to nations that support Israel.
And Israel will be a difficult thing and Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling. Soon
6…Store up food
We will see the dollar collapse and a new American currency and a new global currency and a one world currency and a one world order.
We will see a totally new economic structure between Mexico Canada and the United States and the European community created with a stronger United Nations.
7…Turkey will rise from ashes and be an incredible force in the middle east with darkness at its core.
It will not remain partial for long.
8…Russia will be more nationalistic and create a crisis to capture the youth in the nation that its loosing
9…Putin and magdadve will fight for authority but Putin will win but behind the seans there will be an even more ruthless man waiting for power when the time comes. Putin is setting the stage for his arrival (not the Anti-Christ he is coming from somewhere else)
This is setting up the whole end time scenario.
10…Russia will blackmail many small satellite nations that used to be in the soviet union to create a whole new alliance including Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slavic countries, hungry, Romania, Ukraine, all of kakistan (if you want Russia’s oil you will come back in or they will close the pipeline tomorrow)
Russia is waiting for the price to reach a hi level so they can close the pipeline and still function economically
11…The earthquakes are going to be coming and they will change the tilt of the earth (like chilly, new Zealand, japan, )
This will cause the jet stream and climates to change dramatically
And this will cause nations to loose crops
When the jet stream changes wildly, it will cause cracks in the protective layer of earth’s atmosphere and the sun will get stronger and get through the cracks and wipe out many satellites.
When the satellites go out there will be no
Cell phones, no ATMs, no bank transfers, no TV, no airplanes that can land,
12…Things will start to happen in this nation.
13…Anger and violence will be in the streets, rich neighborhoods are going to be invaded, with a robin hood mentality of what’s yours is mine will spread.
And all that you will see in multi-million dollar mansions is Burt chars of the houses and only the chimney will be left standing.
The violence will be so prevalent that the police will not be able to stop it.
But the military will be able to stop it in only some urban areas(city areas) but not the rule areas(countryside) but even some urban areas(city areas) will not be able to stop because the violence will be so wide spread.
14…The military will be coming home and because of the shrinking finances the military will also shrink
This will allow cracks to form in the military this will allow your country to be invaded if the nation does not turn to the lord
But the pride of your heart will say we don’t need the army.
15…The will be tornadoes coming because of the climate changes that will need a higher category of tornado to an f6 or f7 and hurricanes 500 miles wide that will hit the US
16…volcanoes will erupt again in the north western part of the united states and cities will be dramatically impacted and there will be things happening that are unheard of.
17…The shape of the United States will change if we do not cry out to the lord.
18…Drought will escalate in the lower half of the United States to raise the price of a loaf of bread to enormous prices.
So much in price they will haft to have guards on truck to keep the food from being robbed
19…Earthquakes will strike coastal areas and even the Midwest part of the United States.
20…There will be places where hail falls and it will be a foot thick of hail and there will be soft ball size of hail and 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.
21…There will be tornadoes so strong that it will make cars airborne missiles.
22…There will be pandemics coming the first will be small and filled with fear but the second will be very serious.
23…There will be changes in the gravity because of a shift in the magma of the earth, look for changes in the gravity fields. This will cause heating of the ocean floor and the oceans changing temperatures and that will kill a lot of fish and everything else in the ocean.
24…China will escalate as the lead power in the world because of strategic plans and designs.
25…There is a commercial paper that is about to burst in the commercial real estate markets
There is going to be a move for people to start growing their own foods (when does it Happen)
When you buy food do not buy anything genetically modified because it won’t reproduce itself and there will be blight in Genetically Modified crops
They think its blight proof but when the blight hits it will spread like wildfire IN wheat and corn but also in tomatoes
26…Pray for president Obamas protection there is a plan to take his life, The worst thing that can happen is for him to be taken out by death.
27…A dirty bomb will explode in a coastal city and it will be un inhabitable for over 30 years with a very high level of radiation.
28…Take every opportunity to buy rural land because it will be very valuable as people flee the cities.
29…The United States will cut most of its foreign aid to other nations and as a result international dictators will multiply.
30…There will be a growing anarchy in the gay and lesbian community and there will be reports of mobs maiming and torturing heterosexual sexual men.
Watch reports of men being able to carry a baby in there womb through organ transplant of a uterus to a man.
31…Many Large Churches will end up filing for bankruptcy because they can’t make the building payments.
The church has taken on the concept that numbers means anointing so they compromise offenses to keep the people for the moneys.
32…The church must learn how to contend for the faith again we are weak and will fall away when crisis hits we have not been tested and we lost our resolve and we understand little of the advisories plans.
The church has lost the ability to debate their faith without becoming angry and thus we have few strong voices in the political arenas. We have lost our witness that helps others to show others that God is still God and that he will do what he always have done.
As a witness we are to prove that God still exists. We have to go back from a knowledge of God to a craving to Know God
The church must return to a love of His Word that it is infallible in its original form.
This includes Knowledge and conviction that God is absolute and there is only one way to him and that is trough Jesus Christ
We need a new revelation of Gods omnipotence and power or else we will lose heart in a battle
33…We are at the time of Jacobs trouble Jeremiah 30, psalms 24
Christians will be seen and will be persecuted.
God placed you here and you were born for such a time as this.
You are in Gods end time army.
Think in terms of real food real need and real energy real money.