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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alex Jones Globalist Plan to Destroy America

Alex Jones is a radio talk show host with He predicted 9/11 and laid out a plan by secret financial globalist at the top of our government to destroy America and create a New World Order.

There is a Conspiracy against the American people and our leaders have betrayed us and we are to be killed and controlled into mindless puppet slaves for the elite.
  • Bin Laden was created by the CIA
  • 9/11 was a controlled demolition 
  • The was no plane the hit the pentagon
  • The 9/11 commission never talked about building 7 a building that fell for no reason   
  • The federal reserve prints money not backed by gold
  • The federal reserve is owned by 7 private banks
  • There is fluoride in our water  to dumb every one down and cause cancers
  • Plastics in our food causes cancer, breast cancer, birth defects and feminize men via BPA
  • Food is Grown in demineralized soil creating diabetes, learning disorders, birth defects and thousands of other diseases.  
  • Demineralized food always leads to obesity and death.
  • The cure for diabetes, altimeters, obesity and thousands of diseases is to take 90 essential nutrients vitamin and mineral supplementations daily with a corrected diet of red meats for cholesterol salt fruits and vegetables taking no oils, artificials, processed sugars,  and whole grains.    
  • Pesticides in our food cause cancer and brain disorders
  • Genetically modified foods create cancers
  • Schools have been change by the elite and Russia to dumb the children down and lead to a communist socialist anti religious people that will not fight for the truth and be the perfect slave
  • America is being engineered to fall as a world super power.
  • Our economy is being handed over to China Manufactures.
  • The Green Movement for earth is being used to shut down American industrial grown, cap our oil industry, create higher prices to shut down our economy.
  • The fall of the soviet union was a lie to give them more time to prepare there military as America falls into economic chaos.
  • When America falls economically there will be riots in our cities and other nations will attack and defeat America
  • Free energy technology has been hidden to keep the people dependent on the government for control. 
  • Free energy inventors may be killed by the CIA and FBI 
  • Churches are controlled if fully submitted to 501 c3  if the preacher even knows any thing and has some integrity enough to speak about it
  • America is Mystery Babylon in revelation chapter 17 and 18 and Thousands of preachers will never acknowledge it even if told about it because it has been known since the 70s.
  • Flu shots contain mercury and will lead to cancers and brain disorders. 
  • The FDA is a tool to legislate the use of harmful toxins in our body's
  •  There is a Sex slave operation involving the CIA and top leaders in the government
  • Our Air is Being chemically changed by jet fuel called chem trails and causes Asthma and other respiratory problems
  • The media has censored information and serves to protect the rich elite that own them to keep people blind to there globalist agenda
  • Nasa never returned to the moon after the 1970s and it was all fake to start with.
  • The earth is surrounded by deadly radiation and this made it impossible for any moon landing 
  • The American government has weather control technology since the 60s  and may have caused or could have prevented hurricane Katrina and hurricane sandy
  • 9/11 is being used to destroy the constitution and create a police state in America 
  • America is at war with Russia by proxy wars in the middle east
  • The globalist bankers have prepared concentration camp in America for civil unrest that they will cause that will cause the death of thousands