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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dream The Second Wave is Fire

I had a strong dream in my sleep with very strong and vivid colors that i believe to be warning of the future.

In my dream i was looking to the distance in an industrial city covered by trees. It was a dark and still night when i saw a large plane fall from the sky.
 I could see that i was in my old room and i saw an explosion in the distance of the plane. I knew it looked similar to the 911 attacks on the world trade center.
After the explosion there was a very large blast sound followed by smoke and debris which came to my window. 
It was after this time i went to another room in the house to an open door. I knew that people were asleep in this house. When i looked through the door i could see a large fire wave moving towards my direction. I screamed out so everyone could hear me and i said " Second Wave "
I then saw the wave and it was a wave of fire.
I believe that my dream is a warning of another 911 style attack that will hit America in the near future. The first wave was an explosion of the towers followed by dust and debris. The second wave will be a wave of fire.
This could be a warning of large fires in American city's caused by riots during the economic collapse soon to com upon our nation. What ever the meaning of the fire is we need to prepare ourselves for the coming days during the tribulation and the end of the world.


  1. Hi! I enjoy your entire blog. I think the same as do you. Have you saw the videos by Rob Skiba on youtube? The 3 part series called Archon Invasion, the return of the Nephalim? I think you would enjoy them. There are similar videos by Tom Horn but most are radio casts and have no visual aid. I like Rob Skibas the best. He wrote Babylon Rising. Go to youtube and check out the vids, Archon Invasion by Rob Skiba. Keep up the good work! God Bless!

    1. Hi thank you For your support I have made it my goal to illustrate what the body of Christ leaders will not illustrate in there visions and material.

  2. The important part of this dream was that you understood there was a First Wave and Second Wave.... as in waves of attacks.

    The First Wave was a single strike (at least in your proximity) with localized destruction. The Second Wave was much more massive and quickly spread toward you with a wall of fire.

    This correlates perfectly with events in Revelation.

    Seal 6 (Rev. 6:12-17) describes 'stars falling to the earth' followed by mountains and islands being moved, and people believing the Lord's wrath has finally come.

    If a handful of ICBMs hit the United States in key locations, it would appear similar to the events in Revelation, as well as your First Wave dream. Destruction would be major, but warheads would only destroy things within about a 20 mile radius, but would be viewable to the edge of the horizon.

    Now, your Second Wave description shows much greater damage, with a wall of flame roaring toward you. That matches the next event in Revelation, with the first four Trumpets.

    Trumpet 1: a third of all trees burn
    Trumpet 2: a third of the oceans poisoned
    Trumpet 3: a third of all freshwater poisoned
    Trumpet 4: the sun and moon are obscured

    Nuclear devastation of the United States would produce exactly these results, and would match your Second Wave dream.

    Now, there is one very important thing to note. Practically everyone assumes that nuclear war would be a momentary flash coming without any warning, and ending just as quickly. Not so.

    A nuclear war would most likely involve a small amount of first attack strikes (First Wave) intended to disable the target's defensive capabilities. That is, it would knock out our ability to destroy incoming missiles before they hit their targets.

    Once the defense network is disabled, a Second Wave would attack with major damage.

    And this is also included in the events in Revelation. Note that Seal 6 is followed by 30 minutes of silence (Rev. 8:1) immediately before the destruction of the first four Trumpets.

    The only question remains, when will this happen? The answer is September 13, 2015 between 10-11am CST.