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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

End of the World Timeline to the Mark of the Beast 666 Nuclear Fallout after 2018

 In 2008 i had a dream from the lord about future events in my life until the 7 year tribulation, the mark of the beast 666 and the end of the world.

 I was running down the road away from a dark storm. I saw homes along my path.
 I turned to the right and started to run to a tree in the park. This tree had a big hole in the side. There where other people running away from the great winds behind me.
 I ran inside the tree for protection and a large tornado blew across the park and almost took me with it. I held on inside the tree until it went away.
 When the storm was gone i ran back to the road i was on and i knew that when i got to the corner of the road ahead of me it would be the year 2018.
 I turned on that corner to the left on 2018 and i saw alot of empty rusted cars in a traffic jam all the way down the road and i continued to walk down the road.

This Signifies that after the year 2018 a few years later around the year 2023 a catastrophic event will take place in America that will leave hundreds of cars in destruction like an aftermath of a Nuclear blast or a volcanic explosion. This event will change America forever and will last for many years 
 I then turned to the left at the end of the road it was at this time i new that i was in the 7 year tribulation.

This Signifies that the Tribulation will begin years after the time of the catastrophic event back around 2023 and i will know it is the tribulation time frame
 Half way down this road i saw a line of people choosing to take the mark of the beast 666 to be able to get a job to work. It was at this time i looked behind a door and saw a spirit of a woman who had not taken the mark and it was located in a separate room.

This Signifies that during the middle of the tribulation the mark of the beast will be required to get a job to get money 
At the end of my dream i could remember the path i took to get to the tribulation time and represents events that will take place in the near future

After the 2018 the elections will prove a time of change in America and it will lead to a  catastrophic event to hit America around the year 2023 from that time forward we will go forward into the time of tribulation after those events  during which time the mark of the beast will be required to do business in any form.

We will see who resists the mark and who will submit themselves to its control and who will stand by and do nothing. Be ready somehow


  1. I would say your timeline is pretty accurate. I'm looking for the financial collapse next September in 2015 simply because of the 7 year cycle of financial judgment that began with September 11, 2001, a day in which the Lord gave me a vision within a vision within a vision about the invasion of America and Washington, D.C. (published in 2007 in "Revelations from God" by CCI Publishing; 7 is God's number for "completion" whereas 3 is His number for perfection. He showed me this coming financial collapse way back in the '80s and I was on an island ministering in the Phillippines back in the early '90s when David Wilkerson wrote his book and the missionary asked me about it and I simply replied, "He's right, but his timing is wrong" because I knew it was not going to happen back then and I still don't have a "clear" word from the Lord. Remember, God often postpones judgment or hastens it because of intercession (cf. 2 Pe 3:12). If you have ever stood in the counsel of God like the prophets of old you would know how this works. So, judgment is set. We've been telling people this for 30 years and like Jeremiah of old it doesn't make you popular; like Jeremiah they think you're not a patriot if you speak about the fall of America but it cannot be stopped so you should prepare. God said that He is going to break the staff of bread in this nation and it will be invaded and taken captive like Israel and Judah. Just remember, you don't need to fear IF you are in covenant with God through the Blood of Jesus Christ. He is obligated by covenant to provide for you and yours; however, you must follow the Holy Spirit like Elijah of old who, had he not gone where God sent him--to the Brook Cherith--would not have been provided for.

  2. Jon I think you're right we lived 7 years of prosperity starting from september 2001 (2001-2008), then we're living 7 years of scarcity and it ends in sept 2015. We're living the pharaoh's dream again. I expect something really bad for the US in sept 2014 because one year after the end of famine in egypt they have to sell everything to survive, they even sold themselves as slaves, but priests preserved their lands. I found amazing parallels between Joseph and Obama. I call Obama "the evil Joseph" it`s a story a little bit long to tell here

  3. I believe this is the year America begins to fall and is never to stand again. I'm still unsure of other timeline on the tribulation, but I do agree with the time of America's demise. Check out my latest blog post about The Long Winter at
    I hope it helps piecing this all together! God bless!