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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jonathan Cahn 2015 Financial Collaps War in Israel 7th sabbatical year 49th Shemitah

Jonathan Cahn is a messianic Jewish Rabbi with a prophetic warning to America of a financial crash and Harbinger to the nation on the sabbatical year of September 2014 - September 2015 2016 in which there is also a blood moon in the nation of Israel at this time. This predicts of a war in Israel and judgments to the nations that divide the land of Israel.

Every 7th year is a sabbatical year in which the land shall not be worked called the Shemitah. Major disaster events in world history fall on the sabbatical year of the Shemitah as a sign of judgement.

From the Creation of Israel and the balfour declaration 1917 to the Israel 6 day war and the restoration of Jerusalem 1967 marks  the 49 - 50th jubilee year the 7th  Shemitah. This pattern follows to a predicted event in the land of Israel and the nations on the 50th jubilee year on the year 2015, 2016.


  1. ISRAEL is no longer physical Israel! Israel is GOD's PEOPLE (THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED HIS GIVEN SAVIOR- JESUS CHRIST. TRUE Israel is now Christian! NEW JERUSALEM will be the home of all those who have received Jesus Christ.So any Jew who has not acknowledged JESUS as their MESSIAH is NOT a JEW anymore. Christianity put an end to the Jewish religion (which is why the Jewish leaders of HIS day wanted him dead!) Its a fact that the ONLY reason Israel was given back to the Jews is because of political and financial leverage by Rothchild. Israel is their baby! They got back Israel because of a deal made (that if England would announce the forming of a "homeland for the Jews in Palestine (The Balfour declaration) that they would get the US into WW1 ! So their country was stolen by Jewish Zionists who do NOT want Jesus Christ, but will instead bring in the anti-Christ! So all this garbage about God giving back their home is a lie. And if you count the number Americans and Palestinians (and now Muslim people killed for the FALSE ISRAEL to have its homeland , it is a sin and curse upon the leaders and followers of those leaders for their rebellion against God Himself (who took away their country for their rejection of their own Savior because of their rebellion against Him!). So who are these men to counteract GOD's judgments! They are planning to set up and base the anti-Christ world government in Israel now at any cost to America or any other nation who gets in their way or opposes them. (I have even heard Muslim people who believe that when Jesus returns, Mohammed will be at His side! It could have happened sooner had the evil leaders not used "Christian USA" (a lie) to kill the poor Muslim people in country after country now so that Israel can have a safe country. But they will have conflict continually until the fiasco of Armegeddon when Jesus will return to rescue ALL His children of faith from the clutches of the anti-Christ imposter savior.

    1. yokobokushi - you very messed up :( prayer for your soul

    2. yokobokushi - you very messed up :( prayer for your soul

  2. yoyobokushi fool. Anti-Semite fool with doctrines of Satan. Romans 8 & 11 must have been torn out of your bible.