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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream the End of Obama 2017 a Shadow Government

Years ago i had a disturbing dream about the future of America and the Obama administration that i believe is a warning of what is to come. 

I was at the Walmart  superstore walking down the aisle looking for a wooden barrel filled with  money that just passed me by. As i found the place of the barrel i saw that it disappeared and in its place there was two empty baskets sitting on a table.

To my left i saw President Barack Obama with a somber tone to his voice walking up to a platform and podium to make an announcement. He was in-front of news reporters in the health and beauty department in front of the jewelry department of the store . He then began to speak and he said          "i have to make an announcement"

As soon as he was speaking  3 women rose up in anger and one by one screamed the word REVOLUTION.

I turned away from the President to see the women a then i turned to the meat department of the store where i saw a massive black and ugly face looking at Barack Obama and from that position i saw a bullet shot of some kind shoot and the position of the President. I turned to see the president had disappeared and people were in utter chaos trying to run away from this massive black face shooter in which i knew to be Russia and its position over the meat. 
I then turned from the black face mask to

The Interpretation of this dream is a historical time line of events in the near future.
  • Barack Obama rises to power
  • 2013 July 3 black women will start the black lives matter movement
  • There will be chaos after Russia attacks the president