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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream the End of Obama 2017 a Shadow Government

Years ago i had a disturbing dream about the future of America and the Obama administration that i believe is a warning of what is to come. 

I was at the Walmart  superstore walking down the aisle looking for a wooden barrel filled with  money that just passed me by. As i found the place of the barrel i saw that it disappeared and in its place there was two empty baskets sitting on a table.

To my left i saw President Barack Obama with a somber tone to his voice walking up to a platform and podium to make an announcement. He was in-front of news reporters in the health and beauty department in front of the jewelry department of the store . He then began to speak and he said          "i have to make an announcement"

As soon as he was speaking  3 women rose up in anger and one by one screamed the word REVOLUTION.

I turned away from the President to see the women a then i turned to the meat department of the store where i saw a massive black and ugly face looking at Barack Obama and from that position i saw a bullet shot of some kind shoot and the position of the President. I turned to see the president had disappeared and people were in utter chaos trying to run away from this massive black face shooter in which i knew to be Russia and its position over the meat. 
I then turned from the black face mask to

The Interpretation of this dream is a historical time line of events in the near future.
  • Barack Obama rises to power in the area of health care. 
  • During the end of Barack Obama's term 3 black woman will stand up in 2013 and call for revolution in America which was the black live matter movement started by 3 black women which will last for 3 years and was  funded by the Obama administration illegally
  • After which time an assassination sniper event took place during a black lives matter protest in mid 2016 this event would mark the end of obama
  • After this event and the elections of  2017 a dark shadow government would take over and send a message of Russia which is currently trying to take down Trump. 
The last event that took place was a look to the podium of the president which was empty which may signify that Donald trump may be taken out of office and we will have no president But im not to sure what this means