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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chuck Youngbrandt Destruction of America

Chuck Youngbrandt is a prophet with visions from the Lord with contacts to Dumitru Duduman as he saw the destruction of America by Russia and other nations.

  • City of Chicago will have a massive earthquake and be destroyed
  • A fault line from Chicago to Saint Louis will divide and one side will drop 20 feet
  • Lake Michigan will tsunami 15 stories high and destroy Chicago
  • The Great Lakes will crash through the Mississippi river  and reach the gulf of Mexico
  • US Military will Round up rioters and shoot them on the Spot and leave the dead on the Street
  • US Military will not be well supplied with material
  • Israel will be attacked by Egypt and Syria on Yom Kippur to be pushed into the sea in a week
  • Israel is finished but the hand of God stops the army  and counter attacks with small numbers
  • Farmers will not have what they need to grow food
  • People will wait in long lines to get small amounts of food
  • The Church is slack and closed during times of need and will not act
  • The light of righteousness will diminish and darkness will pervade in the land 
  • The land of America will be dead and people will get out of the cities and go into safe zones 

  •  Weather will go out of control and go along with economic collapse
  •  After the big earthquake of Chicago Midwest within 37 days Russia and China and its allies will attack America with nuclear weapons while America is at here weakest 
  • Russia will attack from the east and China from the South West and Mexico from the South 
  • Russian occupation may last 7 years not the tribulation
  • China and Japan will attack Russia during the invasion 
  • Israel survives the war 
  • A 10 state confederation is formed in Europe leading to the rise of the Antichrist  

  • The US will be attacked by Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Serbia and 1 other 
  • Nuclear attacks on Florida will sink it into the sea slow
  • Government will move to the center of America
  • Russia will use neutron bombs to eliminate large areas of population
  • China will kill men women and children with no mercy in California
  •  The churches in disobedience to God will die leaving a small remnant
  • A very large hurricane will happen in September in the Gulf  
  • A Large Star burning like a small sun will come and hit the earth across America