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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lindsey Williams The NEW DVD, "Take Immediate Action." in the next few days.

Lindsey Williams has new information of the elite and says that the elite will not accept Donald Trump as the next president and may cause a collapse to stop him and he outlines who the elite are and clearly states that former President Herbert Walker Bush spearheaded the dismantling of the American economy.
  • The Elite where defeated on there agenda to steal the elections for Hillary Clinton
  • If Donald Trump is elected The elite will retaliate against his policy causing economic  problems and blaming him in the media
  • They might crash the derivatives market before the elections 
  • This will enable Barack Obama to continue his agenda
  •  Barack Obama will not leave office willingly
  •  Barack Obama is appointing hundreds of Muslims to high positions 
  • The Elite know Donald Trump will win the election by a land slide and will stop at nothing to stop him from changing the economy
  • The Elite might cause a big war to stop Donald Trump and stop the elections 
  • President Herbert Walker Bush went into china to open up slave labor to the US economy allowing them to make cheap products to sell at 100 times value
  • The Elite are propping up Hillary Clinton they know Donald Trump will Win
  • During the Collapse they will close the banks and restrict all funds  
Lindsey Williams The NEW DVD, "Take Immediate Action."
Download Audio File as soon as possible before it is removed for Copyright