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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top Army General World War 3 Russia Prepares For Nuclear War

U.S. Army Chief threatens war with Russia and declarers that Russia and china have been building up there military to take down America in the near future. Based on Joel Skousen world war 3 will begin around or after 2023 when Russia and china have built up its military after or during a financial collapse of the U.S. economy while mobilizing Islamic terrorism to support martial Law and unifying the United Nations into a one World Government which will be given to china. Media is in total black out
  • Russia suspends nuclear pact with US
  • Russia Mobilizes 40 MILLION Citizens in Emergency War Drill
  • Russia Prepares For Nuclear War to 2023
  • Russia Officially Announces Preparation For WW3
  • Top Army General Threatens War With Russia and China
  • Top Army General Says Prepare For War As Big As WW2 
  • Top Army General Says Rapid deploy ready will destroy anyone anytime
  • Neo Con Elites to cause War for Martial Law Islam Trojan horse   
  • Generals Speaking out to stop US politicians from starting World War 3
  • US Media coverup media Blackout on real issues
  • Hillary Clinton Caught Laundering Money For Al Queda ISIS
  • Clinton Foundation steals Hatti earthquake money Billions stolen  
  • Russia Syria no fly Zone will take down any American forces WW3
  • America raising radical terrorism invasion of the west
  • Russian bunkers for population U.S. no bunkers for population all for the Elite 
  • Russia to conduct National Martial Law takeover drills in case of emergency  
  • Russia tells leaders to pull family members home in preparation for war