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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shane Warren John Paul Jackson America’s Judgment begins 2018, 2020 the end of the world

Shane Warren had visions from the Lord of the Future of America and he was told judgements will  begin 2020. He was shown a great earthquakes taking place because of the division of Israel and he was shown riots across America and an economic crisis. This corresponds with the visions of John Paul Jackson which saw riots and an economic crisis after the year 2018. so the year 2020 will begin a depression of 10 years where with we may see riots across America in 2023 that will leave new York city burning with ashes This will all lead to the time of tribulation around 2030 
  • Iran, Russia and China Conspire to Kill Dollar 
  • The Dollar Will be Worthless 
  • New Madrid Earthquake Divides America 
  • They Divided My Land, Now I Will Divide Their Land
  • Silver Will Rise Far More Than Gold 
  • Major Riots Across the U.S.A. 
  • People Will Demand Entitlements 
  • Many Will Return to the Church 
  • Two Sided Coin: Judgment & Revival 
  • The 400 year Judgment Cycle 
  • America’s Judgment Arrives in 2020
The time line is clear for a Projected time of economic collapse and judgments to begin by 2018 lasting 10 years to prepare for agenda 2030 and biological war at that time. Look it up research it and find ways to make some money and help people. As much as i say believe in the lord we need real actions with real help. So Get ready for real and put it all on the line.  
  • 2017 sign of woman on the moon  begins judgments 
  • 2018 Economic collapse starts off
  • 2020 Economic collapse  Begins 
  • 2023 Disaster event
  • 2024 China Russia Attack America around this time ?
  • 2030 Agenda begins extermination program 
  • 2033 Daniel timeline projected 3rd temple event with blood moons   
The sign of the Woman Begins 2017 beginning the time of travail in the church Rev12:1-2. After the Woman of 2017 the Sign of the dragon will appear which is a devil armada in space sending angles fallen to earth to kill the man child before it is born.This will all lead up to the beginning  of the tribulation which will immediately start after the manchild is born and taken to heaven first 1260 days of the tribulation Rev12:5-6, the man child is a group of men or children born which will be taken to heaven  and receive a rod of iron to rule the nations Rev2:26-28.
  • 2017 sign of woman on the moon 
  • Sign of Dragon 
  • Angles fall to earth to kill the manchild 
  • Manchild born taken to heaven 
  • Tribulation begins 
  • Woman runs into the wilderness 1260 days 
  • Dragon Satan falls persecution begins
  • Woman with wings escapes 3 1/2 years 
  • Dragon makes war with Jesus at his coming