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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

its all over

Preachers live in seclusion away from there congregation they prospered off the people and used them to meet there financial endeavors.  

 I've seen preachers ignore cancer patients and ignore children's dreams. I've seen a preacher boast about having 7 chandeliers worth more than peoples houses.

I've been to ministries that will not give food to eat but serve worthless foods they would never eat themselves.

Do you even realize half the budget is TV time or jet fuel cost. 

One preacher had a 60 million dollar budget but 1 million actually went to outreach to help people that literally resembles a 1 percent cost of common budgets

Our preachers will not give to the people they themselves live in literally luxury literally and tell us to not love money an oxymoron.

They set themselves high above men and preache a wicked and deceitful gospel only intended to plunder the pockets of the poor literally rapeng the Hope's and dreams of people to literal work camps of the world they left us in. The lord doesn't need to leave us behind because the church has left us long ago.

The gospel is so worthless and mentioned for one thing. Not one word of the lake of fire and the life of jesus instructions to keep your salvation. Just blabbering of the constant blessings of wealth and prosperity that leads to lives of selfish endeavors of wicked desires and slavery of the masses 

One day I'll speak of jesus literal works and teach people how to fix a dam car something a father would have done let alone a father of sheep gone astray left to the Wolfpacks a protector an actual prophet or pastor that actually gives a dam if were slaves to the system they themselves help build.

And a lifetime of building the kingdom of the devil a man saved turnes his eye and say I will give the lord 20 dollars to build the kingdom of righteousness with a tip.

A preacher who would gladly stand by and watch lives literally withered and old and serve you cheap asss solutions he would never do himself.

And turn the sick away for the sake of appearance of holiness 

If you were a preacher you probably would do the same and argue the text instead of doing it at all because when it comes down to it even the disciples hesitations were clear. So go pretend your holiness and pretend you feed the poor and pretend you've given it your all to save the lost and dream of the jewels of your crown in heaven and dream of your mansions on high whatever. Who cares. But jesus knows what I'm referring to so I trust that he sees it and he will help