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Friday, June 24, 2011

Mary K Baxters Divine Revelation of Hell

Mary k Baxter's was taken into hell in the spirit by Jesus Christ and spent 30 days in Hell for a warning to the church and the lost unto salvation in Jesus. Jesus appeared to her night after night and took her spirit into hell to tell the people of the massacres and  the plans of the enemy and there works of deceptions. She was shown details of hell and the punishments of Christians and the lost that reject Jesus as there Lord and Savior.
Mary K was taken above the earth to enter the gateways of Hell. These gateways resembled types of tornadoes that reached high into the heavens of the earth. Jesus took her into one of these gateways into Hell.
Mary K went down the Gateway into hell and the smell was as toxic surfer. The walls of the tunnel into hell was covered with demonic forces that were spewed into the earth.
 Mary K was shown the shape of hell and the shape was the shape of a man. As Christians have a body of Christ so do the lost have a body of unbelievers in Jesus. Hell lies in the center of the earth.
In the right leg portion of Hell Mary K Baxter  saw miles of pits 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet deep  filled with hot brimstone. In each pit stood men and women burning in fire trying to escape there pits. As they escaped there would be demons pushing them back into the pits of fire. These men and women were weak barley able to escape.
These men and women in this portion of hell were Preachers and Christians that have sinned against the
Lord. She was able to talk to some of these people to testify of there story. 

One man was an unbeliever that continual rejected the truth. Again and Again he reject the call of the father God to believe in his son Jesus Christ. He turned away the people that were sent to preach the gospel and the truth.

One woman was a christian who on earth had contracted caner in her leg. They had to amputate her leg but afterward she began to grow bitter against the Lord. She started to fall away when she died she went to hell and she still had her leg missing because there is no healing in hell.

One woman received a manifestation of Jesus and He called her into the destiny that he had planed for her. But she loved her fame and fortune and lived her life. She thought she could serve the devil and the world and repent on her death bed. When she died she went to hell. 

It is possible to go to hell for Christians that continue to sin and deny their calling  to save the lost in Jesus Christ. Any bitterness and unforgiveness  will stop the Lord from saving you. The choice is yours not his.
 The people had a look of decaying ribbons of flesh around their bones. They had no eyes but they seam to see. There spirits looked like a wisp of smoke in the rib cage.  As they burned large worms would crawl in their bodies eating their flesh but they would not be burned.
 As she walked in the left leg of hell she saw a line of small creatures and demons covered in hair taking instructions from a large demon. The Demon gave instructions saying to the imps and devils to 
"Go into the world do many evil things, cause problems in the homes and do many evil things you shall have rewards when you finish. Be aware of those that know Jesus and have the power to cast you out. Torment those on earth that do not know the Lord Jesus and go to their families and loved ones. I have many other demons that have went ahead of you to war against these people." He said "we will win against God."

Jesus said "remember in my name you can cast these demon out and set people free from these demons."

These daemons had eyes in there head that sank back and hair all over there body's. They had a solid form in hell but turned invisible on the earth. There were in different shapes and different sizes. The seam to move very fast in different places.
 One man was a christian that was called to preach in the ministry. He preached there was not a hell and did not belive in the return of Jesus. he made his own rule about heaven and hell he took money from the poor. He preaches from an imaginary bible and repents to the lord begging for mercy from the flames of torment. 

One woman was a sinner and she lived her life in pleasure in love with the world.  She had many sinful affairs but Jesus told her if she would have repent and clung unto him he would have saved her. Manny were sent to bring her to Christ but she turned them away.

One woman was a church goer that was called to the ministry but she would not. She said she loved the Lord but never repented of her sin and gave her life unto Jesus.  She lived a sinful life and talked in the church but at her home she lied and stole from people. She was living a double life. 

One woman was a preacher and her husband cheated on her. Her husband repented in the church to the people. She let bitterness enter her heart and she killed her husband and the woman. The devil entered her and she killed herself at that moment. 

Will continue soon. 
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 She walked on into hell a came to see a dark figured demon 30 feet tall. This figure had a large disc in his hand and he threw this disc from hell into space high above the earth. She was translated to the edge of the black disc to see what was inside. In this large disc was filled with a sea of fire and christian men and women burning inside. Burning and boiling flesh on the bones of the people inside. Jesus said that this was outer darkness for Christians that turn back from there calling they love this life better than the ways of god. The would not make a difference between good and evil and would not stand for truth love and holiness You must not turn back after knowing Jesus.

As the Servants of God that do not repent God will have to bind them hand and foot and cast them into outer darkness. They will burn with a seal on their chest because their fate is sealed.
She saw and new that nations of people where in outer darkness burning in flames. She could see the souls of many nation marching into the fire. Men and women boy and girls were marching into the sea of fire. The Lord is calling us to reach unto the lost to cry out against sin to tell our husbands and our wives of this Revelation of Hell.
She could see nations of the lost burning in flames of torment. She saw boiling burning Flesh  falling from there bones. They would try to swim to the edges but there would be no way out. The Lord is calling us to reach unto the lost to cry out against sin to tell our husbands and our wives of this Revelation of Hell.
Jesus is your only salvation.
Cling to the cross and repent of your sins and make Jesus your lord and savior. Plea the precious blood of Jesus and be baptized in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost and speak in a new tongue  and be joint airs with him in the kingdom of his dear son.
Christians Repent of your sins and obey the Lords calling in your life. Minister to the lost and stand for Love and holiness. Do not preach against the holy spirit and Hell. Do not harden your hearts and live in unforgiveness and bitterness. Follow the word of the Lord. Do not turn back from Jesus for the love of this world and life. Forgive the Father God and give him your pains. Return unto the Lord and repent of your sins and Jesus will save you. 
Mary K Baxter's Divine Revelation of Hell