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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If You believe that there is a pre tribulation rapture you must be prepared to answer thees very serious questions. I myself believe that the church must remain on earth until the absolute return of Jesus Christ after the 7 year tribulation, to minister to the lost and prepare the masses for the return of Jesus Christ. This is the mission of the church.

If there is a Pre Tribulation Rapture

  1. Who will minister to the lost?
  2. Who can the Beast kill in the middle of the tribulation if there are no christian masses?
  3. Who will gather the large amount of wealth left by the church?
  4. Will Jesus gather the children of the lost under the age of accountability?
  5. How can only 2 witnesses save the world?
  6. What is the purpose for a church in heaven?
  7. If so will the church pray for the lost to be saved before Jesus return?  
If Jesus removed the Church before the tribulation he would be condemning billions of souls to hell upon his return after the tribulation.