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Monday, June 13, 2011

Recreation of the Garden of Eden Possible with Creation Science

Today's technology and research makes it  possible to recreate the condition in early Genesis creation to replicate the Garden of Eden contained in a hyperbaric chamber.

The conditions required for Garden of Eden like plant growth involves shielding the plants from all ultra violent light, coloring the light by pink color film, doubling the air pressure to 33 psi from our 14 psi atmosphere by a hyperbaric chamber, repairing the soil with beneficial microbes and a spectrum of vitamin and mineral additives, warming the soil slightly above room temperature by compost and radiant heating at the base, feeding the plants with purified and energized clustered water with vitamins and minerals through the pores of the leaf opened by musical sound vibrations and root feeders, surrounding the entire plant with a DC electromagnetic pulse generator that will mimic a stronger magnetic field and regulating the air temperature at a constant year round.

These conditions will create the ultimate environment that will cause maximum growth in plants and animals to a double size.

    Steps to Recreate the Garden of Eden.
    1. Build a Hyperbaric chamber  capable of containing a average of 32 PSI. This will account for the loss of pressure in the atmosphere by the loss of the magnetic field creating today 14 PSI atmosphere.
    2. Cover the glass with a pink reddish film for colored light. This will resemble the firmament and cause plants to grow easier.
    3. Regulate the air to a mixture of 1% carbon 32% oxygen and 77% nitrogen to account for the loss of oxygen over the past 6,000 years. This is based on  levels of atmosphere found in the north arctic ice.
    4. Create a watering system that will mist each plant with a fine nutrient dense mist. this will replicate the dew that sprung from the ground each morning in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden.
    5. Energize all the water with sounds and electrical energy during the fine mist process
    6. Build a root feeding system that will allow plants to drink nutrient mineral dense water from the ground. This will resemble the abundant waters from the earth and the fountains of the deep. 
    7. Energize the full area with an Electromagnetic Pulse Generator at 1-5 guess with a frequency of 1-30HZ. This will account for the stronger magnetic field in the earth that was present during the smaller earth. This represents a loss of 9/10ths of the magnetic field in today's terms.This would have grown larger animals with a more denser atmosphere. This is where it will be possible to create larger Lizards and bugs. 
    8. Create a radiant heating system that will heat the soil to a temperature just over room temperature. 
    9. Loosen the Soil to about 10 - 20 feet  with rich sources of minerals. This together with  a warm soil will cause the roots to grow wildly.
    10. Treat the soil with Beneficial microbes. vitamins and minerals and natural fertilizers and compost. This will account for the loss and damage to the soil because of the damaging flood waters. 
    11. Apply a sonic bloom method of feeding plants through the pours of the plant which will double the growth time and size by the use of sound.