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Sunday, November 11, 2012

John Mcternian Division of Israel New Madrid Earthquake

John Mcternian has researched the link between Natural catastrophic disasters to events that cause the division of Israel and celebrations in homosexuality. The Lord said that he would bless and cures the nations  based on the treatment of the Jews and the nation of Israel gods covenant land.

America has been under a curse for creating the Madrid Peace process on October 30 1991 which established world wide pressure for the division of Israel in the creation of a Palestine state. Americas pressure to divide Israel has Led to disasters in the perfect storm of 1991, hurricane Katrina 2005 and even the Joplin tornadoes where hundreds of tornadoes ripped through the Mideast.

Americas Pressure against Israel for the creation of a Palestinian state will  cause one of the greatest disasters in  U.S. history in the future New Madrid Fault line Earthquake which lies at the center of the nation. If America divides the land of Israel the Lord will be forced to divide the land of America.

Madrid Peace Process October 30 1991
The Perfect Storm October 30 1991

Madrid Peace Process Held in America August 23 1992
Hurricane Andrew August 23 1992

Gaza Strip Evacuation last man August 23 2005
Louisiana Evacuation Hurricane Katrina  August 23 2005

America to uni Laterally recognize A Palestine state September 13 to September 23 2001
September 11 2001 terrorist attacks

Obama calls for Palestine state based on 1967 borders May 19 2011
Deadly tornado outbreaks hit the nation Joplin Missouri hit on May 22 2011

The Madrid Peace process resembles the name of the actual fault line it will set off, the new Madrid Earthquake.

Hurricane sandy destroys New Jersey on October 29 2012, 1 day prior to the Madrid Peace Process  anniversary held by President Bush Senior on October 30 1991.

Franklin D.Roosevelt assured the king of Saudi Arabia that America would never recognize Israel as a nation in 1945 and when he said this one week later he died on April 12, 1945.