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Friday, November 9, 2012

Leslie Johnson headlines of the future of America

Arafat in the Hospital
On April 15, 2002 Prophet Leslie Johnson was given a dream called “Arafat in the Hospital.” It gave several events leading to the next war in the Middle East.

1. Arafat would go into the hospital. Fulfilled 11/11/04 at 3:30 am.
2. Israel would give the Palestinians a state.
3. The Palestinian state would be a temporary measure to allow the Israelis time to strengthen their military.
4. Oil would be discovered in Israel.
5. Oil will make the Jews willing to fight for their land.
6. Israel and America will go against most of the Arab world.

Future Headlines:
On January 22, 2006 Prophet Leslie Johnson heard the voice of the Lord speak the words: Israel Refuses to Help America. Then she heard the following headlines in her heart. This was the order in which she heard them. Not necessarily the order in which they will happen.

1. Israel Refuses Help To America
2. Omer Ushers In Palestinian State
3. One of America’s Greatest Times of Need
4. Israel is Attacked, America Sends Troops
5. Chaos Reigns As Americans Protest Help to Israel
6. “It will start with an Internal Revolution…”

Stan Johnson made a reorder of the possible order of events leading to the fall of America and the beginning of Dumitru Duduman vision of the fall and destruction of America.

1. Arafat in the hospital
2. Omer Ushers in Palestinian a State
3. Oil Discovered in Israel
4. Catastrophe hits America
5. Israel Refuses Help to America
6. Israel is Attacked, America Sends Troops
7. Chaos Reigns As Americans Protest Help to Israel
8. It will start with an internal revolution…

Leslie was not told what the catastrophe would be. We know that Michael Boldea was shown a giant Earthquake hitting California. Large parts of California fall into the ocean. It moves lines on the map, and effects 10 states. I was shown a series of sophisticated explosions by a sophisticated network of people in two dreams. I was shown an economic collapse started when one of the explosions is at a regional bank destroying all records of accounts and their backups in two other dreams.
Americans became furious. They were mad at the US Government, Jews, and the Muslims.
Then I heard Stan’s voice saying, “It will start with an Internal Revolution…” It (The fall of America) will start with an internal revolution in America started by the communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico and two other countries will attack and defeat America. --Dumitru Duduman
Tsunami Vision 
Leslie Was given a dream of a 20 story 250 feet tsunami hitting one of our coastlines. This will most likely be the eastern coastline based on the visions of Augusto Perez and the vision of the tsunami. 



  1. With respect, I can not see America coming to help Israel in any conflict, least of all with Barry the muslim in charge. America has dark days ahead it seems and may not even have the ability to help Israel. No offence meant in saying that as I am a great friend of America but this is simply what I percieve. Sadly.

    1. concerning texe marrs the Jewish relationship is a cures for the gentiles. Gentiles only salvation is by Jesus and his blood. but Jews fully deny jesus so gentiles who convert to judism will go to hell for not accepting jesus. and and a portion of jews in israel are not even jewish this would make them gentiles rejecting jesus. but jews also run the media and other high places this means there is an agenda to deny jesus which will send gentiles into hell for real. so the only thing left to ask is will real jews enter into heaven denying jesus and his sacrifice. jews do not accept jesus as anything in the talmud. iv herd of high respect to israel but they are just as evil as america. america being evil is being run by eliet who might be all jewish but israel is good right. i say no more jew or gentile it is jesus yes or no and any land that will accept and obey will not see destruction.

    2. Watch for this!!
      WHO IS OMER?? I Believe it is "MK Omer Bar-Lev of the opposition Zionist Union party."

      "“Instead of some official responding to France’s initiative to hold an international conference to promote a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the time has come for the prime minister and foreign minister of Israel to present a clear policy,” [MK Omer] Bar Lev said, referring to the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also holds the foreign ministry portfolio. “What is Netanyahu’s diplomatic plan? It seems that if he cannot formulate one, he should step down and allow someone worthier to lead the state,” he said."