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Sunday, July 21, 2013

John Paul Jackson California Earthquake

In April 2011 John Paul Jackson predicted two large Disasters to hit California in the near future. A very large Hurricane type storm will hit California.

After This Storm California will be hit with an Earthquake Disaster hat will create an inland ocean stretching from Los Angeles To San Diego along the San Andreas Fault Line making Baja California an island.  This will leave Southern California in ruins and strengthen the Economic Collapse of America.

  • Consider the Movie industry in Hollywood after this earthquake. 
  • With a population over 4 million in southern California how many will DIE?


  1. Really, why would God kill his own Children living in California along with the wicked. There are 1000's of Christians living in Southern CA.

    1. the whole earth will quake in the last day i think Christians will die if they do not heed the warning.

    2. God does not kill people. If he were, he would not be a Good God. God does allow people to die, because he knows what would happen if they kept living. Most of us probably get worse with time and would likely have a much more difficult time after death, but our fate is made less terrible if God allows us to die sooner. He did give us free will, and does not control us like puppets. He can answer prayers and spare some of us, but ultimately He may do what's better for our salvation. "How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways"

  2. Christians need to listen and pray for God to show them if this is from Him. I believe God is able to save His children from any disaster if He so chooses, like from Sodom and Gomorrah, and the plaques of Egypt. He made a way of escape for them then, He can and will do it now, but each one needs to pray for guidance and wisdom, but not just sit around and wait for it to hit, but active in prayer and planning. He will bless your efforts. I believe there is a lot of truth to what John Paul is saying, but praying about this would be the first step as to what to do. I am personally looking forward to the Lord's coming for His church...if He takes me sooner, so be it!! Amen!!