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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Maurice Sklar Economic Collapse of America

 Maurice Sklar had a vision from the Lord of the soon coming Economic Collapse of the American Financial System. The Dollar will loose 30% of its value in the near future before all the wealth in the nation will be stolen.

In the vision he saw a Victorian Mansion that was painted red white and blue. This mansion represents the wealth of America and its long past history in the resources across the land.  

  Maurice Sklar was able to see under the house where he saw millions of creatures that resembled termites but where like demonic forces eating all the wood in the house. 

It is worth wondering what are these creatures that are eating every aspect of wealth in this nation. Banks, businesses or people?  
He then saw the Victorian mansion crack down the center of the building Which the Lord told him represents the 2008 economic collapse of the economy which has left this nation in an economic depression for the past 5 years. Trillions of dollars were lost and millions of people lost jobs from this act alone. 
The building then collapsed again and the termites covered the whole house eating every thing in sight.

This was told to him that this would be the future  collapse of the economy where the dollar will lose 30% of its value and the nation would spiral down in a complete collapse and every part of the economic structure would break apart.  

This time is estimated to take place around 2017 2018 but this is my words only but i pray we have more time. 
  The Victorian mansion which represented the wealth of the nation was left in total ruins and he was told that all the wealth in America would be stolen. 

 The end of the vision was clear. America and all its wealth will be diminished and it started in 2008. The 2nd collapse will take 30% of the value of the dollar. When this happens all the wealth of the nation will be stolen. and the Lord will visit America in this time of Trouble. 

This will lead to Riots across America and joblessness will run rampant. Dont trust the preacher that says Americas will see prosperity and the rapture will save us because the truth is  this nation is under judgement from the Lord himself and only he chooses who gos up and who goes down.  So prepare yourself NOW lest you also partake of this judgement.  

The Axe will fall the Economy will collapse and i am left to say there will be a day of reckoning. So be prepared and help the lost. and watch the tall all mighty people fall in the vast networks of  robbery in this Economy.