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Monday, August 5, 2013

DOUG METZGER Visions of the Future of AMerica

Doug Metzger has visions from the Lord of the Future destruction of America  by 12 Nuclear explosions stretched across the United States. His ministry began with the vision of a red star missile headed for America which he believes is North Korea
The Vision is Clear  America will come to a financial collapse of its economy and the dollar will become worthless. This will lead to a time of great tribulation for the church and people will beg for food for the lack of money.
The Government is in full awareness of these issues and will betray the people as we enter into a 3rd world war. America will be left in ruins after a nuclear holocaust of 12 major city's.
  Each Vision Contains important information for the Church in America.

• America, the Fallen Tree
• 10 to 1 Inflation Dollar Became Worthless
• Vision of How the Church was Formed in America
• Visions of the End of America
• Vision of Nuclear Missile
• Twelve Cities Destroyed
• A Million Voices Screaming
• Vision of Begging Woman
• The Great Betrayal
• They Ran to Jesus
• Prayer Is Protection
• The Greatest Horror & Revival