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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sign Mars 2013 End of the World Begins 2017

 Comet Ison is the Greatest comet of 2013 with a diameter of 1 mile. This comet is a sign from the Lord of a world changing event or a war after the year 2017 and is a sign of coming destruction to the earth by a large volcanic explosion

On October 1st 2013 Comet Ison grazed the planet mars and covered the entire planet of mars with  dust and debris turning mars into a comet itself. This is the most important celestial event in human history to have ever effected the planet mars in 1000 years. During this time Nasa observations was shut down due to the government shutdowns of October conveniently hiding this truth from the people concealing the dangers to the world of massive volcanic activity on the earth during an oncoming meteor encounter
 The Media is in total black out of the truth and any dangers coming to the earth will be held from the people. But this following picture shows the effect of ison on the planet mars during passing
 Comet Ison reached perihelion on November 28 2013 set behind the sun and signifies the death of Paul Crouch 2 days later on November 30 2013,  Nelson Mandela 7 days later December 5 2013, and Ariel Sharon 16 days from earth passing on January 11 2014
Comet Ison is a sign from the Lord of a war or natural disaster in the Year 2017 4 years from 2013 and months before the first blood moons of 2014 - 2015 The World as we know it will change forever after the year 2017. This time marks the possible time of the economic collapse of America and the beginning of the next administration after Obama and the possible emergence of the antichrist after a war in Israel.