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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Texe Marrs Jewish Evil and their Rejection of Jesus Christ

Texe Marrs has uncovered hidden truths concerning the land of Israel and Gods chosen people the Jews. The key to unlocking this truth is to know that the Jews completely reject Jesus as lord and regard him as a lair worthy to be killed.  There is also an underlying hatred and bigotry against any people that are not Jews which is clearly seen in the Laws of Israel.
  • The Jews have rejected Jesus for over 2000 years and have killed people in the church at its inception. 
  • Christian Evangelism is illegal in Israel and caries a possible prison sentence.
  • Messianic Jews Are seen as traitors by orthodox Jews and some are not allowed to enter Israel while all other jews are welcomed with open arms.
  • Jews have collected bibles and burned them in large fires. 
  • Jews blame this hatred against Christianity on past persecution but the jews created the first persecutions against the early church. This is an excuse. 
  • Jewish Rabbis will not intermarry Jewish weddings. 
  • Jewish Rabbis preach that Jewish blood is worth more than thousands of gentile lives. 
  • Jewish crimes against Palestinian children carry a light slap on the wrist.
  • 60 % of American television networks are owned by Jews. This is why christian tv shows are not in Christian America. Jews reject Jesus. Therefore Millions of people in America will not hear the gospel and go to hell for the right of a Jew. 
  • Prostitution is legal  in Israel. 
  • Israelis will not join the military because of Jewish atrocity's against Palestine.  
  • Yitzhak Rabin a prominent Israeli politician was reported to have killed hundreds of Egyptians in war crimes. 
  • Over 50 % of Israelis are from kazar and are not Jews. Which define them as gentiles who reject Jesus all the same.
  • Israel Practices war crimes and false flag terrorism like wise there neighbors in Palestine.  
  • The Jews control large sectors of wealth in America but there only 2% of the population. This has led to the Holocaust of gentiles in the millions burning in Hell for there rejection of Jesus. so who cares about the Jewish Holocaust. Which Holocaust do you choose.

If a Jew Rejects Jesus will he still go to heaven around Jesus. The gentiles only way into heaven is through Jesus. So if Jews control the media and there is no message of Jesus people will die in hell for Jewish sake. Will a Jewish man enter the kingdom sending gentiles into hell?  I say that Jewish wealth is Wicked. The only Good Jew and the only good gentile is one that accepts Jesus.

Ask yourself who is the Jewish Messiah if it is not Jesus. This is the Antichrist. Like wise Who is the Muslim Messiah but the antichrist. So we look upon the middle east conflict and i say there both wrong.

Only Jesus is the Key.


  1. If you read Ezekiel 37 you'll find that the restoration of Israel is a process. First, the dry bones are put back together, then sinew and muscle, then skin, and then finally, God breathes life and breath into them by revealing unto them that He is their Saviour. The final part hasn't happened yet. But it will. Israel still has the veil over its eyes now, but one day soon The Lord Jesus Christ will appear from heaven, splitting the eastern sky and planting His foot on the Mount of Olives in His triumphant return to earth. This is when life will be breathed into them and 1/3 will be saved. Texe Marrs seems to lack understanding of Scripture. Some of the things he says are probably true, but like I said, the restoration of Israel is a process and currently, while Israel does have its bones, sinew, muscle and skin on (land, government, military), it has not yet been brought back to life. But also like I said, it will one day. God still has a plan and a covenant with Israel.

  2. If a Jew rejects Jesus, he will still go to heaven around Jesus? What a demonic lie!!! Go read John 8:24 when Jesus addressed those unbelieving Jewish men in His days - they would die in their own sins.

    Without true repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as one's Savior AND Lord, the whole human race (yes - every single human being including you and me) is doomed to HELL (Eternal/Everlasting damnation & Sufferings). Jesus is the ONLY Way, for both the Jews and the Gentiles, to reconcile themselves to the Father God - NO religion or religious work will do; NO "-ism" will do; nothing else will do (John 14:6).

    Indeed, I agree with Kevin that the Restoration of Israel is a Miraculous Process, and God has never given up on HIS Chosen Jewish People (go read Romans 11, especially Romans 11:11-15). To learn more about HIS Works, go to, or

    Finally, remember that the Church (i.e. the Bride of Jesus Christ) will NEVER replace Israel or the Jewish People. Instead, both the Jews and the Gentiles are needed to form the One New Man for God.

    Please check out Pastor Shane Warren's sharing about why we must stand with Israel, even when lots of churches/Denominations fail to do so.

    Have a Blessed day!

    Indeed, I agree with Kevin.

  3. Mmmmm............. Not so sure about the 'hidden truths' that you've uncovered TM, or dare I say stumbled across? Your article sounds as though you've an axe to grind against the Jews and beneath the smiling face of your photograph you're harbouring a lot of bitterness and resentment (towards the Jews) in your life.

    As for who cares about The Holocaust - well I'm standing up with a raised hand.

    I totally agree with Kevin and Ming's posts, well said both of you!

  4. Every single Jew is obeying the scripture by rejecting a non kosher, non sabbath keeping, lawlwss pagan god named "Jesus".

    Are you sure you have the right Hebrew messiah ? Jesus isn't a Hebrew name and He doesn't go around killing, raping, pillaging, and starting wars.

    The scriptures clearly show He and His followers kept the law of Moses perfectly - there is not a single scripture in the ENTIRE NT show otherwise.

    In addition, the entire OT/NT is written by Jews and His name is Y'shua.
    Might want to take a look hard look at the scripture and see if there is a single verse of "heaven" being the goal" and Rom 9-11.

  5. I came here as a Messianic Jew.
    I am reading the prophecies here and am in agreement.

    However, this post is filled with Jew hatred.

    ''Messianic Jews Are seen as traitors by orthodox Jews and some are not allowed to enter Israel while all other jews are welcomed with open arms. ''

    Messianics are not worried if the Jews hate them, we ARE worried about bringing Jews to YeShua. This "Tex Marres" is not.

    ''Over 50 % of Israelis are from kazar and are not Jews. Which define them as gentiles who reject Jesus all the same. ''

    Many Americans are not American and come from another place & are patriotic people. Does not make them any LESS American, does it Maares??

    ''Israel Practices war crimes and false flag terrorism like wise there neighbors in Palestine. ''

    So, radical left talking points are those of a "Christian?"

    ''so who cares about the Jewish Holocaust. Which Holocaust do you choose.''

    MANY Christians were murdered in the Holocaust.

    ''Jewish Rabbis will not intermarry Jewish weddings.''

    Christianity commands that believers not marry non believers, so what was the point of THAT 'point?'

    Mr. Marres is a false Christian.
    If HE does not repent, HE is in trouble.

    I could go on, but why? It was really quite disturbing to read this post on this website.
    Left wing Jews are horrible, that is true, but why is this little 'g'od punishing ALL of us?

    1. I agree with your points, i dont hate jews, this topic is a cloudy debate with many views so i just say ask 1 question to define every man and his work is Jesus lord in your life? if its not then that man will lead many astray no mater what he does Jew or gentile.

  6. You have failed to remember the admonition of the Apostle Paul...'They are enemies of the gospel, but BELOVED of the FATHER... Are they not VEILED until the number of the Gentles is full? Write within THAT context or you create a pretext for Jew Hating...I advise that you don't disregard G-Ds LOVE for H-S choose ones!...It's ETERNAL...