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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Steps to Financial Freedom Right Now


Step 1 Eliminate all unnecessary expenses
  • Get a cheaper apartment and find roommates.
  • Consider living in a large Van  at the cost of one battery per month.
  • Rent your house to two or three roommates.
  • Buy a personnel Heater and Heat 1 hand made double insulated room in your home.
  • Buy a 4,000 dollar Car only. If it breaks after 5 years get another one.
  • Dont use credit cards for any reason.
  • Dont buy nothing but food
  • Dont buy a house.
  • Dont buy cloths. this will cut cost.
  • Eliminate all debt
  • Download Free Torrent files.
Step 2 Eliminate all unnecessary wastes of Time
  • Don't do chores, use paper plates, paper cups, paper towels, throw your cloths away, throw your dishes away and use a larger trashcans. 
  • Pay someone 20 dollars to cut the grass.
  • Cook faster food recipes in one pan.   
  • Read books by text to speech automated computer audio reader at high speeds. 
  • Watch tutorial videos 2 times as fast speeds. 
  • Don't watch TV just use it for news information as you cook your meal and sleep.
Step 3 Save Money
  • If you cant save money your spending to much money you need to downsize your living standards and eliminate all expenses.
  • If you earn more money you must continue the same low standard of living.
  • Sell all your belongings and use the money to get out of debt now.
  • Save 20,000 dollars and buy and sell penny stock trades in 1 hour for 10,000 share increases of .10 cents for a profit of 1,000 dollars a week with stop loss measures of less than 200 dollars. Research Timothy Sykes and read books about day trading it is real.
  • Get 2 jobs now and work up to 16 hours a day like a robot. This will help you get money fast and keep it with no increase of living expenses. This will help you raise $100,000 over a few years.
  • If you live in the projects Work 3 jobs out of town and use it for 8 hrs of sleep and move away.
  • If you have a food card buy large volumes of canned goods as you increase your wage by 3 part time jobs. when you get off  the card you will have assistance.
  • Get your children Jobs and make them save money in your account and give them an allowance and tell them they can have all the money back when they turn 18 and teach them to keep that money in the account and live on low living standards.
 Step 4 Make a difference.
  • Give 1 box of food to the local church
  • Give 1 toy away to a child
  • Support a local Church that will give to the poor
  • Give 1 gift card to a youth in the church
  • Give 100 dollars to a woman in the church
  • Give a 40 dollar tip 
  • Give 1 new pare of jeans to the salvation army.
  • Teach your children every day for 1 year how to trade stocks in the stock market. Just google it.
  • Give your children a free education on video tutorials.
  • Take your wife out to dinner once a week and pay for the meal
  • Loose weight by, key biotics pro biotics, 90 vitamin and mineral supplements, life caps for daily fasting and a diet of fruit smoothies.
  • Make an internet business that supports itself and use all the profit to make christian movies. 
  • Buy canvases and paint Jesus in acrylics only   
By this method you should be financially free in one year with a lot of money in the bank and you will be free to feed the poor and cloth the naked by your freedom. If you can not feed the poor what are you working for. A home a life. Why do you need a life. Imagine millions of people burning in hell because you where not free to do something about it.
Imagine giving away a 4,000 dollar car to someone in the church in need of that car if you don't know your not asking. If you cant do it there is a reason why.

Pray to the lord for the increase and buy a larger house and a larger car, what nonsense. What about the church food bank in your area. I remember walking into a church food bank and seeing outdated bread. I saw a woman buy a candy bar in support of the troops. What trivial nonsense. It would have been better if she new the truth of 9/11 and all its fraud.

Maby one reason a person cant help is because they don't want to do it because they don't care. I have heard of millions giving to the red cross to see reports of them keeping the money. Or a walk for cancer raising billions for 20 years as they walk over the truth of that cure. The cure for cancer is the elimination of artificial GMO foods and an increase of 90 vitamin mineral supplements, high doses of vitamin c, vitamin b17, laminine, carnivora extract with detoxification of heavy metals by nascent iodine supplementation and purified water. The medical establishment is using that money for medical research only available to the rich and foreign interest. It is better to take matters in your own hands and imagine better way to help the people around you.

Imagine 1,000 people in the church paying 100,000 dollar mortgages on there homes there not free to do anything. What do you need a house for if it dose not serve the Lord. Ask yourself why do Christians need to prosper. Is it to buy a better home. I saw a woman in the church living in a 500,000 dollar home what a oblivious fool. Where do you draw the line?

Jesus said sell what you have and follow him.