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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dane Wigington Earth global meltdown

Dane Wigington has uncovered the truth about governmental weather control technology and its true agenda.
America, Russia, China and other nations world wide are producing chemtrails in the atmosphere for the  purpose of weather control modification for the purpose of keeping certain parts of the nation cooler as the entire world is slowly falling into a global meltdown as our earth will soon experience a massive heat wave which will remove methane gas from the north which will add to the global heating of the world and the destruction of our environment around the year 2030, 2040 as our government prepares for full weather control by the year 2025.
Our weather is being managed to keep the dangers of global heating away from the peoples minds. The same solution that is saving the climate is also killing the people with an increase of disease in the air, massive fish die offs, warming ocean temperatures, wild weather events, and increasing x ray exposure from the sun. Do not confuse this to global warming, this is global meltdown after an economic collapse as people take control of water and land resources.  This global heat may also account for a world wide Red Algae blood water epidemic which will kill every animal in the sea with an increase of global drought.
Prepare for the times ahead with food, water, independent electric air coolers, electric oxygen generators, water generators and underground shelters.