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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Anti Christ in Daniel Chapter 8 & the Mystery Of The 2300 Days Until The End Of The World

In Daniel chapter 8 Daniel had a vision from the Lord of the soon coming Antichrist and a time frame of 2300 years for his arrival around the year 2025 and upwards.

In the vision  he saw a ram being killed by a goat representing the invasion of media and Persia by the Greek empire in 336 b.c.
After the goat conquered in the land its horn was broken off representing the sudden death of a king which was Alexander the great after his establishment of the Greek empire in 323 b.c..
When the great horn was broken off 4 notable horns took its place and it was said that 4 kingdoms would arise after the death of the first king of the Greek empire. This has proven to be the creation of the 4 kingdoms divided from the Greek empire in 275 b.c. from Alexander the great's 4 generals which fought for power until there deaths in 275 b.c. called the wars of Alexanders successors.

The 4 kingdoms of the Greek empire in 275 b.c after the death of Alexander the great in 323 b.c. are 
  1. Cassander 
  2. Lysimachus
  3. Seleucus
  4. Ptolemy
 Then the vision moved to the end of days in the time of the antichrist where he will rise as a small horn out of the 4 horns and he will set up the transgression of desolation, cast down some of the stars of heaven to the ground, cast down the sanctuary and make war with Jesus at his coming. At this time the antichrist will be destroyed and Jesus will set up the final kingdom at the end of Daniel chapter 8.

In Daniel chapter 8 13-14 a saint asked when will be the time of the antichrist when he will set up the transgression of desolation, kill the holy people and cast the temple down to the ground? He was given the answer that it would be 2300 days for years until the time of the antichrist kingdom and the end of the world.

This Gives an estimated time for the arrival of the Antichrist  from 2025 and upwards.
There was never any specific word for the beginning of the 2300 years but it is very clear that it is within the creation of the 4 kingdoms to the creation of the small horn that rises from one of the 4 kingdoms in the latter days.