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Henry Gruver Russian Invasion of America

  Henry Gruver Had a vision around 1986 of the invasion of America and  its total destruction by the hands of the Russians and the Chinese. He saw Russia moving by sea and air from the north to destroy America by nerve gas and nuclear weapons. The Russians will steal materials and will spoil the united states after the destruction. The death toll of Americans will reach over 120 million people or 60 percent of the population.

Henry Gruver 1st vision
  He was taken to Astoria Washington
  In Astoria Washington  He saw a Chinese invasion force by sea invading the land.
When the Chinese landed in America Any civilians they saw was instantly shot and killed.
The United States responded with World War 2 vintage planes against the Chinese invasion force.
This Represented the Weakness of America in its national defenses.
Henry Gruver 2nd vision
  In this vision he and his wife were told to walk down a canyon to meet a butler that would take them to sit in front of a platform with 60 chairs. When they were seated they saw an american 4 star general and a politician off to the side talking with each other.
  After a minute a helicopter flew in and dropped  a portable office that was blue in color down to the ground and flew away. Prince Charles came out of that office and  was wearing a safari outfit. He was crying and announced to the congregation that America was at war and they had to fight with out God.

  The general then walked to Charles who was speaking on the platform and he said we know were at war but argued if God had anything to do with it.
During this argument a giant frog approached representing Russia and croaked white nerve gas to kill everyone in the vision.

  After He Saw the nerve gas he was taken to the heavens and he saw trafalgar square in London.
In this square he saw a Russian general Being mocked by the European Population. The Russian general then commanded Russian troops each protected with bio warfare suits to kill everyone. After They were killed the Russians spoiled the materials in the vision.

  In The first half of the vision There may be a clue to the time frame of the Russian invasion of America.
In the vision Prince Charles gave the Invasion announcement to America at the time of the attacks.

Now if you Assume that it may be Prince Charles himself to make the announcement the attack will have to happen within 20-30 Years because as of 2012 he is 63 years old. This would make him around 83-93 at the time of the Russian invasion of america. This time frame also brings the tribulation much closer than we realize. 

Henry Gruver 3rd vision
Henry Gruver was looking at the island of anglesey When he was taken up into the heavens.
  He was looking down on the earth like a map and he saw a massive military movement from Russia coming down from the icelantic waters from the north. The Russian army came down the Atlantic ocean to attack America by sea.
Russian Submarines parked along the coast lines of America and nuclear warheads attacked a completely destroyed new york city and other cites in the nation.
The major destruction Started in the cities of New York, Seattle Washington, Miami Florida, San Diego and Los Angeles California. 
The Sighn of the vision and its Time of the destruction of America at the hands of the Russians invasion.

"When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing and caring for the masses and will begin to let there weapons down and will cry peace and safety and that's when it will happen."