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Friday, August 19, 2016

Lindsey Williams Economic Collapse 2017

Lindsey Williams is a preacher that worked with the elite and has contacts with the elite which have information on plans for the complete destruction of the world economy for purpose of full control and the creation of a New World Order

  • America is slowly being degraded with manufacturing jobs being shipped to china and other nations.
  • America is being set up to pay the losses of 7 trillion dollars in the mortgage loan debt crisis.
  • America has to borrow every dollar it owns from the federal reserve creating massive debt with interest.
  • Americas own oil production is being limited for the purpose of high gas prices that go to foreign countries that use that same money to buy American debt.
  • Overall, the 9 largest U.S. banks have a total of more than 200 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives. That is approximately 3 times the size of the entire global economy
  •  Today, Wall Street is the biggest casino in the entire world.
  • The Elite of the world are not ready for the coming economic collapse of America.
  • They want forced debt creation on every nation and every person in America  so they can be forced to serve them. 
  • The bank bailouts were designed to create massive amounts of debt to the the banks.
  • Only the banks they wanted to succeed were given a bailout.
  •  Student loans debt will be given to the masses for jobs they have shipped out of the nation. 
  • The rich are to protect there assets by leaving the nation. 
  • The middle class will be TAXed into oblivion  gradually over the next 4 years.                     1...Marginal minimum tax  2...National sales tax 3...Obama care tax
  • In reaction to the Obama care tax Walmart, Target and companies all over the nation will require limitation of hours to 29 or less. 
  • The Federal Reserve is buying 40 billion dollars a month in mortgaged backed securities for  quantitative easing cutting the dollars value by 3-4 percent.
  • Obama Care tax increases start in 2013.
  • Food price hikes start during the collapse
  • The Federal Reserve are using this crisis which they have created to buy every mortgage in America to force every man to and woman into debt to accept there new currency in there new world order 
  • The American Dollar is being phased out of the reserve currency of the world. The will cause a return of all the American dollars being used in other nations which will lead to the devaluation of the dollar and the economic collapse of the United States.  This time frame Will be gradual over the next 4 years and past 2017
  • President Obama is out of control with hidden loyalty's to his Muslim brothers and has denied Americas right to drill oil on this land for Muslim drilling rights.
  • The rich and powerful elites have divided themselves for control forming there own factions 3.
  • 38% of Americans receive some sort of government assistance this is planed to increase to 70% over the next 4 years for the economic collapse of America.
  • in 2008 gold was 800 dollars an oz in 2012 gold is 1700 dollars an oz over the next 4 years in 2016 gold will be 3000 dollars an oz
  • Churches will be confiscated and repossessed by banks because they can not make the payment due to the economic crisis.
  • President Obama wants to bring in thousands of Muslims into this nation. this will lead to the creation of sharia laws in our government to please the people and nullify the constitution.
  • You must become your own doctor because Obama care will lead to 40% quittings of doctors in the health care system that will cause massive waiting lines for care.
  • All the currency's of the world will be destroyed by the derivative markets.
  • They Are having trouble in the middle east with Isis and the Syrian Rebels which has prolong there time line for the economic collapse.
  • When you hear of rising interest rates it will be the Game Over Event
  • The stock market will crash then the derivatives market will blow up 
  • Banks will have financial problems and file for bankruptcy
  • They want an order of 10 big banks still in existence 
  • All other banks will bought by the big banks or face bankruptcy
  • Gold will absolutely skyrocket
  • people will beg and plead to the government to fix the financial crisis due to the severity and due to what happens during the crisis 
  • They will offer the New World Order Solution, Central government, Central Banking system and a new central dollar system
  • Another housing collapse will take place 
  • The Muslim world will be used  to foment war and discord in 2015
  • Failure of the Healthcare System will come soon
  • No gun control will come in 2015
  • The people will be too poor and the police military are preparing for riots in the street in which they believe there will be no riots in 2015
  • Massive corporate bankruptcies will be coming because of the financial crisis
  • President Obama will not take any action on these events
  • The elite plan to bring in the New World Order by the end of 2015 unless delayed
  • 5 banks hold 40 trillion dollars in derivatives
  • Derivative market will collapse by the end of 2015
  • Bank derivative debt will be paid by account holders money
  • Congress pass bill holding American people to pay banks derivative losses 
  • Banks will limit all accounts 
  • The Economy may collapse by the end of 2015 2016
  • Violence in Washington dc no economic growth for years
  • Massive corporate bankruptcies around the world
  • Financial crisis set for September October
  • interest rates will spark the economic collapse
  • gold will skyrocket during the collapse
  • food prices will rise
  • The antichrist may rise after the collapse
  • Obama is acting Muslim 
  • President Obama is dragging his feat with Israel give isil time to destroy Israel
  • Cern Declares the international year of light dedicated to Lucifer light September 25
  • Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky the messiah AKA Antichrist will return after September 12 at the end of the year 
  • Madonna will perform Tour "Desecration Of The Bride" Arrival Of Fallen Angels in Washington DC Verizon Center in September 
  • Jonathan Cahn shmita 7 year cycle ends around September 13 warning of stock market crash 
  • 5776 year of Lucifer begins September 14
  • UN resolution for a Palestine state begins September 15  
  • Jade Helm ends September 15 
  • International day of peace September 21 
  • Year of Jubilee begins September 23
  • Mecca pilgrimage Gates of heaven to open begins September 22
  • Bisexual holiday declared September 23   
  • Pope to address congress 1st time in history September 24
  • John Kerry to end 500 day climate change rally 
  • Pope to announce New World Order unification to the UN September 25 
  • Tomorrow land declared Masonic 33
  • 4th final blood moon falls on September 28 
  • Dollar will begin to collapse September 2015
  • Muslim Rabi Ali ibn Abi Talib 600 prophecy Mahdi will come after a tall black man takes command of the west and command the most powerful army on earth AKA Barack Obama September 2015
  • The elite do not want Donald Trump to be president and will do everything in there power to stop him from being elected.
  • Barack Obama has no intention of leaving the  presidency no matter who is elected and may allow certain events to occur to make it happen 
  • Radical leaders are being brought into the united states to cause trouble for control
  • The Real Financial Collapse may begin to occur after October or sometime next year
  • When the collapse happens they will close banks and restrict funds and slash pensions 
  • The United states will create 2 currencies a devalued domestic dollar and an international asset backed currency 
  Lindsey Williams The NEW DVD, "Take Immediate Action."
  • The Elite where defeated on there agenda to steal the elections for Hillary Clinton
  • If Donald Trump is elected The elite will retaliate against his policy causing economic  problems and blaming him in the media
  • They might crash the derivatives market before the elections 
  • This will enable Barack Obama to continue his agenda 
  • The Elite know Donald Trump will win the election by a land slide and will stop at nothing to stop him from changing the economy
  • The Elite might cause a big war to stop Donald Trump and stop the elections 
  • President Herbert Walker Bush went into china to open up slave labor to the US economy allowing them to make cheap products to sell at 100 times value
  • The Elite are propping up Hillary Clinton they know Donald Trump will Win
 Based on the information given this election will prove the collapse after 2017  and will begin the end of the world as America falls as a nation to create a New World Order as the leaders betray us for there own wicked plans at the cost of human lives 
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  2. You have to get out of debt.
  3. Get out of paper.
  4. Pay off your house mortgage.
  5. Store food, water and firearms.
  6. Get ready for the biggest buying opportunity of your lifetime.
  7. Get out of the city.
  8. Purchase everything you need.
  9. Sort out your medicine cabinet.
  10. Get your spiritual house in order.