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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vladimir Putin Economic Collapse World War 3 imminent Media cover up

Vladimir Putin is warning the west that the globalist elite control the media and are manipulating the people  into war with Russia as America moves arms to Russian borders and destabilizes Ukraine  and funds radical terrorism to destabilizes the entire middle east. He clearly states that Isis was established by American arms.

It is very clear that the globalist controlled media is covering up every detail that does not fit into there agenda and will use and manipulate any event necessary to disarm the public to establish a global dictatorship. Dont believe there lies prepare for the tribulation its coming soon

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The nations are preparing for world war 3 and Russia plans to take down America by EMP attack then nuclear attack on the American Military to weaken the nation as  the globalist prepare for there new world order

Revelation is decoded 2017 will begin revelation chapter 12 and so on Maby around 2023 a nuclear event will take place  and then a full economic collapse preparing the way for the coming  time of the tribulation around 2027 as the antichrist will reveal himself if not sooner until the middle of the tribulation 2033 all  fallen angles of heaven will fall to the earth via the dragon and all demons from the pit will rise to the earth via the false prophet and gather the Muslim and Jewish nations via the beast from the sea to seek and kill all Christians via the woman who birth the man child via a group of children ruptured before the tribulation

Our greatest concern is to gather ways to get food and water and energy without the help of government and protect ourselves in strong shelters that can survive an earthquake. I would say to the church you get and take all the money but will you feed the poor with words ?