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Friday, March 13, 2015

Mary K Baxter Vision of Heaven

She saw an angel with rainbow colored wings.
The Gates of heaven are 1 mile high and they are made from solid pearl with many designs.
 She saw grass and the grass in heaven looks like it has a diamond.
The Flowers in Heaven open up to sing to you and if a pedal falls to the ground it does not die but it grows another flower.
The Chariot of God Stands tall in the sky and the wheels are as tall as the empire state building.
There was a woman in a pail pink dress redeemed by the blood of the lamb Jesus.
Fifty horses 30 feet tall stood in honer of the Lord and the woman spoke "All creatures shall prais the lord.
Then all the horses bowed there heads and spoke to praise the Lord.
She approached a wall  that when she touched it it touched her back as if the wall had its very own will.
she walked on streets of gold.