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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Curse in the Land of America

I curse the rich that bask in the lands of plenty ignoring there power to change the world for Christ with all there possessions taking advantage of the sacrifices of men and woman that it takes to uphold there wealth while they deny every increase for the common man buying vast inane objects to serve every whim in there stupid little minds 

I curse the fools in Washington that bask in the abundance of there wealth trying to fix a political catch 22 with broken policies that only lead to self serving acts of kindness while they ignore the hands of the poor lifting there hands for rewards they don't deserve establishing the policy of wickedness.

I curse the men and women that ignore wisdom and thought thinking only of there good pleasures while they heap treasurers in there homes taking wives and deny the responsibility to distribute the call of salvation and common sense blindly following the lies of this world which is set to kill every child in the pits of hell.

I curse the doctors that unwittingly kill women and children pedaling pharmaceutical trash for the corporate healthcare beast for the gains of vast fortunes made by the skins of the poor. Cancer can be cured by high doses of vitamins and minerals in a detoxified body void of harmful industrial heavy metals but it will never be released by the counsels of the gate keepers but release toxic artificial trash food to the masses for the gain of money that will kill millions.  I ask what the doctors and scientist do with there salary's that was made from the very dieing people that paid hundreds of thousands on over priced outdated noneffective treatments.

I curse the smart men which hold back ideas which can set men free with new sources of energy for the mere advantage it gives them for the gain of a small fortune to keep men in bondage to pay tribute for there networks of manipulation economics.

I curse the jews that deny Jesus as lord and lead the masses of America into degradation slaughter in hell by there manipulation of the media and there expulsion of Jesus out of the nation for Zionist principals of righteousness they have just cast a nation of gentiles strait into the lake of fire stupidly believing they will enter the kingdom of heaven believing Jesus was nothing but a vile man born from a whore

I curse the foolish preachers that pedal the same outdated doctrine of devils that safely preach a noneffective message to the masses of overworked overused zombies that will never lead anyone to anything while they play with the money. 

I bless the man that finds Jesus as savior and lord.