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Friday, July 10, 2015

Lindsy Williams New World Order Begins 2015

  1. Housing prices will plummet in California due to the drought and water restrictions 
  2. Bankrupt banks will begin to appear.
  3. Neighborhoods will be empty and form ghost towns. 
  4. A large exodus of people will leave California 
  5. People across the land are preparing for the coming of the Lord 
  6. False flag to prepare for Planet X and Alien invasions prepare for the Economic collapse first 
  7. September 13 feast of trumpets 25 pope comes the united states 28 final blood moon
  8. The pope to speak Post 2015 sustainable development program the beginning of the NWO
  9. Unites States has more debt than the entire world combined and it will crash 
  10. New world order will begin by the end of the year
  11. People in the united nations to announce transition of power due to the economic collapse
  12. Elite plan no rioting during this time but will contain if it arrives
  13. Jade Helm will be used in the event of civil unrest  
  14. Elite do not know but expect a divine intervention from god  
  15. Jonathan Cahn warns of judgment to america
  16. Ron Paul warns of economic collapse and currency crash
  17. Plan for relocation out of America
  18. America will become Greece  
  19. Have Real money cash on hand
  20. Get the book dare to prepare by Stan Deyo
  21. Buy an atmospheric water generator Ecolo Blue
  22. Aeris warm suit will protect you in cold environments 
  23. Preppercenterofamerica