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Monday, July 20, 2015

New World Order 2015 Tribulation Begins 2022

Stan Johnson has calculations based on prophetic words and insider information establishing a timeline of possible events in the near future and the beginning of the New world order and the beginning of the tribulation  which will be verified in the year 2016 
  1. Sept 25, 2014: Started the last 7 years of Plenty
  2. Sept 25, 2015: Pope Announces New World Order
  3. The 7 year Tribulation will begin 2022 - 2028
  4. Global Currency Reset hits this fall gold cash
  5. Welfare Checks Will Stop
  6. Protests Start Burning Cities
  7. Martial Law Declared by Obama
  8. Obama Stays in Office for 5 years
  9. Constitution Suspended
  10. Civil Rights Are Gone!
  11. Local Militias Fire At Obamamen
  12. Gun Confiscation Ordered
  13. Dumitru's Internal Revolution Starts
  14. Russia Defeats America in Surprise Nuclear Attack
  15. Christian Martyrdom Begins  
The life of pope age 78 a countdown to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the pope at most 12 years
Barack Obama's 3rd term will may verify Martial law in America