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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

America Land of the Slaves

Every city in America is divided by race and segregation between the highest income in the white majority and the lowest income of race and colored skin. There is no acception the maps do not lie. It is clear to me that the fair access to wealth in the nation is nothing but a pipe dream and men and women debate a solution the fact remains clear. Those with the money and the freedom to prosper  keep all the money to themselves outside of the city while the majority of the poor work in slave camp corporations built by those very men.

The truth is there is no racism in America just complete and utter selfishness  and greed that surpasses all levels of society. Where men compromise the work of the ministry for an abundant way of life while the people in the world remain poor and lost.

If you see a man with great wealth just know he dont give one care for anyone but himself. But don't forget to thank the lord for that great meal while you sit on your hands in the ministry of the lord wondering should i do something for the lord and never touch the money in the bank for him.

I am angry it is not right i was also robbed last week of 1500 dollars on a project i was working on and i believe all these men are thieves. I say to the church if only you knew what was possible for projects for the lord it is endless but you have decided to sit and do nothing.