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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elite: What Next! - Trump Has Won!" New DVD from Lindsey Williams

  • New World Oder set back 50 years if Trump is Elected
  • Kissinger met with trump to beg and plead for certain objectives
  • The Elite have no control over Donald Trump
  • They are meeting with Trump to ask for their way and not Directly telling him what to do as in past presidents
  • The New World Order has revised its Agenda which will be mostly complete around February 2017
  • The Elite have decided to Join Donald Trump and attempt to pervert him and sabotage his policy 
  • There will be a financial collapse in the future but not at this time 
  • The Elite are in disarray and may move the collapse down 3 years until they can form a new strategy in the coming months
  • Trump will cut taxes and release money to the people creating massive opportunities in the coming years but the Fed will raise interest rates several times to sway this growth  
A Trump Presidency represents a great opportunity to prepare as the New World Order prepares itself to create a massive financial collapse and don't be fooled this collapse is Big and it clear they will blame trump for it

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