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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Richard Wolff Capitalism is a joke

Richard Wolff is an economist teacher of government systems and he says that American Capitalism is a system of slavery. For all we sing democracy in America, we have none of it at work and Capitalism makes men rich and makes men poor and nothing in between thats the truth. 
  • Workers do the all the work and live on minimum wage while the top few earn all the money and make all the decisions. There is no freedom. 
  • Workers do all the work and have no rights and are not allowed to make any decisions and are not allowed to have any control or any profit
  • Corporate CEOs take all the wealth from the people and keep it in vast accounts at the cost of the public 
  • Corporate pays .25 cents on the dollar of persons for taxes to help the public infrastructure which they then use at our expense 
  • Government benefits in America to the people were abolished for the sake of Corporate monopoly and security of their wealth   
  • Donald trump will impose an import tax to keep corporations in the united states but they will just continue to rob the public in some way, evade taxes, move money abroad, hire slave labor, destroy common business. The system does not work. 
  • The number 1 objective of corporate Capitalism is to dominate the market at the exploitation of all the workers
  • The top 10 percent own 70 percent of the wealth of the nation. America made the elites. 
  • The common workers did the all the work and got none of the money, got none of the benefits, got more work, got more in debt and got fired for the sake of modernization which all gives more money to the rich. 
  • Wages for the common worker has not changes since the 70s while wages for the corporate leaders increased 5 time 100 times and even 600 times over  
  • Public worker ownership of companies are possible but not given for the sake of CEO greed with false arguments of leadership which can be done
  • America was founded on Indian genocide, black slave labor, and minimum wage to create wealthy tycoons that will use there power to overpower all competition
  • Donald Trumps renegotiation of trade relations with china is only a pipe dream among a much broader systemic cancer of lawless capitalistic systems that feeds on the American people and will find a way to evade theses restrictions
  • Again the average CEO takes 300 times the wages of the average worker and this undermines the public and creates areas of slavery  
  • Corporations take advantage of slave labor wages from china,Asia, Mexico,Africa and the 3rd world to gain vast fortunes from America, Europe, and other developed nations while enforcing imagination laws that restrict peoples abilities to go to the places of hire wages. 
 The number one enemy of the state is a rich man who will give poorly to his workers and in turn make them do all the more work. These men are wild men and have no boundary to exploit other men and expand there borders as they enjoy the fruits of your labor. While they make 50 or 100 or 1000 dollars an hour you make 5 to 10 dollars an hour while they go overseas and pay foreign workers .18 cents an hour driving people to suicide. So from the bottom of my heart i speak to the rich man you cold hearted  bastard how dare you.